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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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You should have called. Tee.....I could have helped.

Bob, I called 1-800-Cowboy, but you didn't answer.

I was on my way over to your page to wish you a hoppy Easter, honest I was and got sidetracked and couldn't remember what I was trying to do. If you only could see the notes that I write to myself to remember what I'm going upstairs for, ect. I'm sorry. I did have a good Easter and I'm hoping that you did too. Is it old timer's setting in? Not sure , I think I'm just trying to get too much done all at once.

Just heard a bird singing in the dawn. They want my scrap threads.

Thanks Merry. We stuffed out faces with too much food, but had a great time anyway. Glad to had a good day too!!

Our hill is behaving itself this morning.

Heap big mole hill.

Remember when you were young and couldn't wait to grow up, so you could do anything you want, any time you want?

How's that working out for ya?

I could get into trouble answering this post.

We saved our money when we worked and now enjoy our retirement.

Now don't say I'm bragging, I put recap tires on my truck and kept my nose out of drugs and too much booze.

I even stuck old pieces of soap together so I didn't throw away a good crumb of soap.

We never wasted anything.

Tell me about it. I'm the energy police around here. Mrs Fix-it. Voted most likely to say; " Oh look, it's a penny!!" I'm upstairs in the sewing room trying to figure a way to sew my quilt more efficiently so as not to waste as much thread. Have plenty to leave out for the birds when they start getting preggers and will take them away to build their nests with.

My farm is so poor, it takes 5 acres just to rust a nail.

That's rough. What kind of soil? And I'm wondering what you could do about it. Farm worms on a large scale to eat all the appropriate compost available in town from the restaurants maybe. They did that in Burlington, VT.  I'm a micro farmer, I only need so much and I try to max out what I have. Tea bags I've found are great for making sure that red worms don't give off an offensive odor. Tea bags are an odor eater . So we're composting them and using them to build up what little we have. We had drought last year and everyone else's tomatoes struggled but I put the aspirin water right to mine and deep watered them at night  every night. My dining room looked like a scene from a book about Provence. Boxes and baskets of food everywhere. This year I won't be wasteful,I've got the vacuum sealer to preserve the harvest.

"My farm is so poor, it takes 5 acres just to rust a nail." is a quote by a former friend of mine, Reagan Brown former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. My soil is mostly sugar sand.




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