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What was the point of corduroy in the first place?

The point was that you could make fun of it.

Corduroy and dairy farms don't work well together, but a city-dwelling relative gave me a corduroy shirt as a birthday present when I was a kid. I only wore it if I was going to be around that relative. Then one day I 'accidently' tore a huge hole in the sleeve on a barbed wire fence. *Darn* .....just couldn't wear it like that, so my mother turned it into dusting rags. 

After much experimentation, I've discovered that Rice Chex stay crispier than any other kind of Chex cereal.

You sure live an exciting life Slim……. LOL

Is there really a secret Twinkie factory under the North Pole???

I guess it's not really a secret anymore Bob.

Well....guess not. If it's there I sure would like to go.....

 Lewis Browning. A 89-year-old retired milk-truck driver is the undisputed "Twinkie King of the World" for eating at least one Twinkie every day for 64 years! By rough calculation, he has eaten more than 22,000 Twinkies so far. He now has a lifetime supply of Twinkies from Hostess.

whut duz yer avridge amurkin do to be unnerstood whenever they run into sumbidy that dont unnerstan english?

What did you say?




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