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Questions that will produce answers consisting of useless information.

There is another thread containing pretty much useless information. However, it does not contain answers to some of the questions that ran through my addled brain while sitting two months in the middle of a remote hayfield.
For example; If the state of West Virginia were rolled flat by a steam roller, would it be as big as Texas? Are there any words in the english language that start with the letters meb in that order? If a dead cat were dropped from the top of the empire state building, how high would it bounce? And, would it land on its feet?
Am I the only one searching for this type of information? If you have answers, provide them. If you have similar burning questions, ask them. I'm sure we will all come away smarter, or maybe not.

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That was TBubbaD. Dogs have four feet, therefore they relate everything to square or quad. Politicians often talk about three legged stools, they may be able to relate to cubes.
Oh, BTW I think Pru did once use the term cockroach and husband in the same post. That could greatly complicate the calculations.
Poor thing, so deprived.




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