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Same problems here too, TSD
Sigh. Day four. Still all very unhappy making - the only way to log a post without going further grey and dying a slow death at the keys is to hit reload . Comments disappear from one's profile page, threads mysteriously are "closed to further discussion" when no one has closed it. And access to a thread is more often than not - denied. Perhaps we are being pressured by all these annoyances into contemplating paying for the site ? (It's a plot I say it's a nefarious plot /;-D !

Whilst I'm thinking about it - are there other Ning communities on Ning that actually pay for their cyber venue?
Please be quiet. I'm trying to watch Sanford & Son and the griping is ruining the reception.

We seem to be fixed. It is just the little wheelie-bob-swirl that keeps going around and around.

Anybody have Trix? The cereal, I mean. I just wonder if you found a plastic toy that I didn't get. They ripped me off.


.....good places to air grievances.
I see that NING has revamped it's system fairly recently. Maybe those changes are affecting us adversely. Yet, strangely enough, when I go into other NING networks, they don't seem to be having any problems.

from: http://creators.ning.com/forum/topics/resolved-some-ning-networks
Hello everyone,

Some Ning Networks are currently seeing errors and other abnormalities. Our team is working on resolving the underlying issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please check status.ning.com for the latest updates.

I will update here when this is resolved as well.


UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues by dropping us a note in the Ning Help Center. (whisper....Let's get a big volume of posters here to complain!)
If this is what Ning calls resolved, it leaves me with alot of confusion. Nothing seems complete yet. I am still having problems getting into threads. It took me 15 min. to get onto this thread. Resolved. Really???
It looks like the people at ning either don't know how to fix it or just don't care. However I do not know what we can do about it.
I just got Ninged and it Really, Really, HURT!!!
Ok, I was disturbed reading a discussion post in the NING social script writers site:

Is it safe to stay with NING ? what can be the probable alternatives?
copy & paste:
i am sorry to start to a discussion on a negative note, however this is something which has been going on in my mind for couple of weeks... i have put on hold all my plans..

now i think i need to weigh my options to stay with ning or to move on... ning has lost my trust because of the recent incidents ... ning is trying to compete with facebook or myspace ... banking on small hyper power groups (or micro networks) made by us ...

certainly it makes business sense to them not to me.
i am more than willing to spend money and time on my project not theirs..

i would encourage other NC to discuss Plan "B" ....

Is there a way out ? any other network that gives same kind of features which can be trusted with all your data and conent...

elgg (the new version gets my vote) ... still i need to know if any one out here have used it... so that i can muster the courage the move away from ning .. social go and neetez are what ning used to be one or two years back ...(in fact neeetz is a complete copy of ning ...). i tried kick apps but not that comfortable....

It seems really slow tonight but I haven't gotten that ugly message that the page has gone to cyber oblivion, at least so far.
I hope they get all this straightened out soon.

Update one more link went to never never land. This sucks. I wonder how much this is effecting their click rate income?
Looks like it's fixed.




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