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Ning feels they have everything back to normal

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They may still be having some but are working on it.
I'm still having the same problems.
Still a few kinks, mine aren't as bad or not as numerous, are yours?
The biggest problem I am having is trying to get into the forums.
The last few minutes it has been working GREAT! Lets hope the problem is fixed.
Yeah, doesn't seem as bad. They are working on it.
Still a little slow.
mine is no better
Yeah, We need some more HOT Pic's of U, Sandy.

Still getting

Our Apologies
Ditto. Difficult to post/difficult to enter into a group or thread. Hitting "last reply" does not work at all.
I think I figured out how to get in here. I just have to keep working it--and I can eventually get penetration.




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