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Should the political parties in the U. S. be disbanded? It seem like when one party is in charge the other parties just criticize, complains, and delay any plans that they didn't come up with. As a result nothing is done. More is done in a teenage girl clique group than what these supposedly adults do. This is suppose to be a country of individuals ideas. Maybe the country needs to become a party of one in order to get the country back on track.
What do you think?

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Any incumbent should be voted out of office no matter what party they are in. They are all a brunch of CROCKS !~!~!~!
There used to be a radio host, who once jokingly suggested that once their term was over they should be shot by firing squad. That way only the truly dedicated public servant would run for office.
"I'm not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." - Will Rogers

Seriously, take a look at the nine principles listed in the following link (click on the tab marked "The 9/12"). If you believe in at least seven of them, join the project and make a difference.


I do not agree with more than three. The rest are party rhetoric.
Politics and religion: Taking the world to hell in a hand basket since time immemorial.
Political Parties were not a part of the ideas in the constitution. Most of the Founding Fathers believe they would lead to devision and lack of cooperation. George Washington said in his farewell address "beware of factions" (political parties) but by then it was to late.
People will always disagree but towing a party line without thinking does hurt this country. On the other hans filling the governmant with inexperence people would not be a good idea. Reorganization of House and Senate rules that favor parties would be a better idea. Stopping gerrrymandering of congressional districts would also help stop the extremists in both parties from being elected over and over.
1GreatLady53 "I can bet there wouldn't be a crook amongst any of them."

Sorry, I don't think your right because there will always be those who will abuse the power by selling favors.
It will never happen!!!! Trust me, I worked with these guys for many years and they are evil power. But it should.
Regardless of how many parties there are, there will remain the corruptive influence of corporate lobbiests.

We need to behead those who create think tanks with the express purpose of creating disinformation that runs diametrically opposite both scientific reason and the public interest;

We need to end the consideration given to corporations as if they were entities with rights, like any other citizen, for they are not citizens, they are corporations, wielding tremendous power and resources.

We need to isolate corporate lobbiests on some small Pacific atoll, where we may film their story of struggle and attempt to survivve the comming onslaught of the rising sea . . . and let their fate stand as an example to all others who would with such callous indifference subvert the people's interest . . .
Sounds like a plan to me. I don't trust anyone who labels themselves Republican or Democrat. I don't trust anyone who is considered a politician in general. Maybe if it was a one term thing and only ordinary people were running and actually delivering on their promises (representing the constituents that elected them), we truly would have representation again.
Will Rogers quote #2

The more you observe politics, the more you've got to admit that each party is worse than the other.




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