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MarkTrost has written a wonderful book.  He is trying to get it noticed --- a very hard thing for a first novel -- by HarperCollins.  The link is here: http://authonomy.com/ViewBook.aspx?bookid=16150 - if you take a minute to register at the site and back Mark's book, it would really help him.  And he has done a lot for tbd.com and yours truly.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Could you maybe explain, for some of us who do not know, just what it is that Mark has done for tbd.com?
When we launched TBD, we didn't have much of a marketing budget, so we reached out to bloggers. Mark was one of them, and in the early days he introduced more people - fans of his blog - to TBD than vice versa. The book, btw, is drawn from the blog.

Mark was, as many were, an avid contributor to TBD. But he also worked behind the scenes to keep us (particularly me) going -- encouraging and reminding us why we were trying to make it work, despite the personal and financial costs. There were a couple of TBD members without whom I couldn't have continued to try to make TBD work -- Mark is one of them.
Beautifully put KathyArlene. I'm almost finished reading his book - and I think it's a stellar read. I've been making notes and have a review in draft too. This is worthy of our support and encouragement, and those of us who know Mark and communicate with him, know full well that he gives back tenfold of that which he receives in kindness, encouragement and support.

The book is free, online, and a gripping read. And - it's a fascinating site, a gold mine of new authors, so if you like to read, you'll have a good time. Please, give this suggestion, your consideration.
How funny to hear from another of the members who made it possible. Anthony, I thought maybe I could influence a few more people than Mark has been able to do. He deserves it.
Better yet its a good read.
If you don't have time to read it now, you can just back it. Spend two minutes and help someone who deserves it.
I have already backed his book and left several comments it is a wonderful read...now I am eagerly awaiting the day I can hold my own copy in my hands.
I miss not having a book to hand.

Bonus - It's an interesting social network- too. I'm "Zoomer Gal" if anyone wishes to befriend me there. Although I've scanned other books and profiles I'm interested in reading, I'm concentrating on Mark's book until I'm finished.
Bad Gir! I just got yelled at 4 this. Sure will. I'll buy a copy, too. Congrats to Mark. Much love!




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