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Bazooka bubble gum has decided it is time to put an end to the antics of our old buddy Bazooka Joe. (click)

Apparently they don't think today's kids appreciate the same corny humor that we once loved.  I haven't eaten a Twinkie in many years and I no longer chew bubble gum, but knowing these childhood icons are disappearing makes me sad.

What do you suppose will be next?


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I rode a bicycle for years that I put together with spare parts. I never wore body armor or a helmet. I had some pretty bad wrecks, lost a lot of skin on my arms and legs but when i ride a bike today I still refuse to wear any of that stuff. Here in Tennessee I am violating the law. Hope I don't get arrested.

The Farm

Mayan calendar.

I recall that the gum itself wasn't very good, and the comics were corny, at best.
Even so, I'm a bit sad that the comics are going away.
A case of relevancy? I wonder.......I think it might be more "bottom line" driven.
Drive in theaters. There are only 10 left in the state of Florida, with the closest being a little over an hour from where I live. Florida is also home to the largest drive in in the US., with a total of 13 screens.

They built a new Drive In theater near Houston a couple years ago.

I'm in Largo (between St Pete and Clearwater) Joyce, so Ocala is a little farther than I want to go to see a movie. ;-)

Driving 125 miles over terrible roads to get a Pizza pie.

Do they still put baseball cards in bubble gum?

Judging by the taste, the last time I bought any, I'd say yes....yes they do.

When I was a kid they decided to put out Monkee cards with scenes from 'the Monkees' TV show on them.  I suffered through that brittle powdery gum for a whole summer.  I felt real sorry for the avid card collectors that had to chew that stuff all the time.

I used to throw away the gum to get the baseball cards. Boy, I showed them people what i thought of their gum....!!




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