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TeeBubbaDee is going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery & could be there awhile...
I just want you to know, TeeBub, that you have lots of friendship & love & support here, & an abundance of people that will be pulling for your success & recovery. You're awesome.

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has to be, Quinn. B A F, WHAT were you thinking?!
hahaha! At least it's not YOUR dog & you didn't commit that unsightly act! '-D
TSD and I are keeping you very much in our thoughts today TeeBubbaDee.
With our abiding affection.

Thanks for telling us, DD.
Great news.
Better him than me...just saying..
No, I'm not serious....I'd rather each and everyone of us never to have to go 'under the knife'....but, 'if wishes were dishes'....
At some point we will have to put ourselves in the hands of others....say a prayer and let it be....all will be well.
Learn to 'splint'...love your pillow...that's all I can say......Except, be well....come back and kick some as...!
Larry will be at your bedside soon. He's bringing all his joke books for your laughter therapy.

I hope you're doing well.

Happy and I just send our thoughts to get you through the nest few days. I'm sure you'll be up and chasing cats soon.
Thanks, Pru, and Dodger, too, for the news.
I caught a glimpse of him as I tiptoed past his room in ICU...

... he is in the vapes for now.




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