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well, okay - not so innocent. ;-p

I just pulled a name change. Just a little confidentiality measure, fyi.... it's still silly, goofy, oversexed me, Word Game Girl. '-)

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you do realize that without a bit more clarity there could easily be a bit of confusion generated by your inexplicable name change. You do realize I sign my poems an' stuff D. Winter . . . .
Thanks, Pru. '-)
Clarity, Schmarity!

hehehe..... well, Zen, you old dog, I guess we're just gonna keep 'em guessing, aren't we? '-)
just wait'll word gets out I'm running around the house like some monkey, buck nakid, leaping, screaming: DRY HUMPS FOR EVERYONE!!

That's OK I usually don't remember names in the morning anyway.
You never have before, why should now be any different?
Do you ask for their name in the morning, like a '60's movie I watched one time?
Fill in the missing letters? This is always dangerous, D's girl. Daddy's? Dvorak's?
Devil's, Dirty's, Dingbat's, Do you have a Tee Shirt saying "I'm with Dumbass? The possibilities are enormous.
LMAO! omg... you guys are hilarious.
Too funny, Robbie. Hi name change lady!!! lol d's girl, huh? OK!! Gotcha!!
Good morning, Kittycat! Do ya? Got me? '-)

And ZenDog, yes, we need to do something about that dry humping.




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