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Has anyone ever been a victium of this? I am looking at TV show now that is talking about a girl that had a nose job after someone make fun of hers on line? People can be cruel and do not think of how much damage it does to the other person.

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Oh, I've considered all sorts of things....But, like I said, he ain't worth going to jail over.
Bullying in the schools is still very prevalent. I don't think it possible to eradicate it completely, but much can be done to teach students how to respond to bullying and teasing. One way is to put the bully in a "hot seat" where the bully's peers tell him/her what they think.

I have not been the target of bullies while growing up or even online because who in their right mind would bully a girl who knows to wield a knife and is known for dangerous photo-editing skills. So unless a bully wants to see themselves mogrified into something worth ridiculing, I doubt I'll fall prey to their tactics. Ironically, I have been bullied@ home many times by my sister, my ex husband, and my kids, sucker that I am in the home. I've also worked under tyrannical supervisors who make everyone's lives hell. The only way to protect myself against them is to control my responses to their assin9 comments or behavior.

Ultimately, it is the way a person carries him or herself which makes him or her vulnerable to bullying.

National Anti-Bullying Week (UK)
16th - 20th November 2009

Right now, on facebook, some girls are really going at it. I'm considering calling the school.
Back in the days when USENET was becoming popular this was called 'flaming'. The online community was overwhelmingly all male ( very few women and no kids ). Flaming was deliberately saying something to cause discord; personal attacks and insults, BUT NOT opinions that may have been unpopular. Usually it involved something offensive about a person's lifestyle, their family, and their friends - even if the flamer did not know the person. Done to trigger negative responses and the shock appeal. So if someone is personally attacked, I consider that online bullying.

We really don’t know if a person that’s on the net is really old or really young.
Let alone their sex.
People can be real brutal.
there a bullies on this site that would loves to rip your heart out. We do not know if they are men, women or even screwed up minors. This is the net. It is open season for the nuts.
I thought all of us could read all PM’s.
I have never tried it, so really don’t know.
Just ignore them while they are setting up their pecking order.
How about a old conservative Democrat on the net?
One could count their friends on one hand.
Oh well, takes all kinds.
I still have fun bouncing around, LOL.
I still like TBD and my friends.
Oh so do I darroll, TBD has been a gift to me and to my life, I adore my friends and they do me, I could not be more thankful for this was actually the first site that I had ever found with such groups and discussions. It is a shame that those who are responsible could not bring themselves to just admit their own mistakes and our lives would have moved forward. I guess they just believe that online bullies do not get caught. Well they do in time folks, and the police now have the papers that have been held for months, every word of online slander that was allowed has now been faxed to those who can effectively do something to stop such vicious lies and attacks on another person.
It is wrong and it hurts people who have done nothing wrong. Children have killed themselves or a third of what has been allowed here. It is beyond sad and it has to stop.
As for "old conservative Democrats" Darroll, I love them too......shoot Darroll I even love the Republicans silly me that's how I found myself in this position, I loved openly and was kind to all...For shame!
Quit being sensitive. The net is not into that.
People will tell you off within a heartbeat.
Some people come on the net to find new friends, others come on the net to argue or tell you off.
The net is not some cute little fuzzy thing running across the floor.
Most people mean well though.
A person might post, my father just had something bad happen to him,
Someone will answer that it is your fault.
Don’t be so sensitive.
OOps and Darroll, much of the net is right into that, I have joined six ning sites that are oh so very into kindness, tolerance, peace and world peace at that. They do not seem to have a problem standing against bullies or those who cannot play by the rules or nice! So sorry Darroll. I have had a good deal of discussions with the majority of TBDers and they are just fine with debate and respect. So I do think that you might be mistaken on the net thing!
Good people live too, is this perhaps a new song in the making good, kind, compassionate, peaceful people got no reason to live? Not a good song Darroll, not a good song
Tina, I have never found you being too sensitive. I am still trying to figure out, what was the reason for the attack on you. I communicated with your sister and felt very bad for you. I still do. That attack should have never happened.




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