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Has anyone ever been a victium of this? I am looking at TV show now that is talking about a girl that had a nose job after someone make fun of hers on line? People can be cruel and do not think of how much damage it does to the other person.

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I think bullying is a form of hate, and all bullies are some kind of coward, as said here before, when backed up into a corner, can't stand up for what they say.
Bullies have lots of issues that need to be worked on. Including their own self-esteem.
It is a problem and has been since the beginning of time, I think. What is it in the heart and mind of humankind that ever says it is just ok to allow ones emotions to attack another human being, an animal, any living thing?
How is it that we all have emotions, all have feelings and yet some justify any kind of attack on another human being?
What tells the five year old that when she/he is frustrated, jealousy, angry that it is ok to hit, to grab, to impose her/his feelings on someone else?

It is a social issue and a humankind issue I think.
What is it that tells some human beings that this is ok in any way, on any level, ever?

It has caused harm, hurt, injury and even death many times over and yet....Some still justify the action, the words, the inhumane treatment of another human being. Some would go to prison just for that thrill of causing harm, hurt, pain or death to another, What is it?

I mean all human being have hearts, have emotions, feelings, ect? Why do some not lash out on others and some feel so justified in it?

I find this a very disturbing yet very real issue in and of human nature.

I know for me it is and always has been my faith and life experience that has allowed me to feel and not to attack another human being. I forgive those who do attack because I truly feel pity for them to have never reached a level of inner awareness that one human being should never cause pain, hurt or injury to another. It is a lack of something within one's self. So as real as it is, to me it is equally as sad.
"Set some booby traps with nanny-cams to capture the moment... then play them when everyone is around... and tell him he will get charged with vandalism if he continues. Sounds like the boss needs to grow some cajones."

"With all that heavy equipment in you photos. Who in their right mind would bully you.

Well, that's the trick, ain't it?

This guy is in his early 60's, claims to be a former tunnel rat in Viet Nam, claims to be bipolar, and when challenged always backs down and goes back to his corner.

Of course, he also claims to have been a war hero in Gulf War I, even though nobody remembers him being gone from the shop during that conflict; that he was a hero during the Korean War, which would have put him there at around the age of 13 at best; constantly claims to have an arsenal that "The Pigs" will never find in time before he brings it in to kill everybody in the entire shop if any of them mess with him - The usual loudmouth, tough-guy blustering bullshit.
The problem is that our boss is about the biggest coward I've ever met in my entire life. Utterly terrified of the little bastard, and won't even listen to any of us when we go and complain. Literally walks away with his hands over his ears, like a child. We've tried to go over his head, and management says it's our boss' problem and he has to take care of it. The bully knows this and pushes things just as far as he can. He knows full well that if he ever dared to actually lay a hand on somebody that the entire game would change, and he'd be the big-time loser, so instead he sneaks around in the middle of the night and destroys people's personal belongings, or messes with the settings on their machines so that when we do arrive in the morning we spend hours having to re-calibrate everything. We've threatened to set up cameras, and management tells us that they won't allow it as it "violates building security guidelines".

The asshole isn't worth going to jail over, you know? We try to ignore him, but sometimes the urge to get serious is pretty hard to resist. Somebody's going to snap one of these days, and while the bully problem will most likely be taken care of, the one who snaps will wind up paying a bigger price than the little bastard deserves.

Hell. Now I'm grumpy. Any bright ideas out there will be appreciated and duly considered.
He never stops making verbal threats - And when the threatened person steps up and calls his bluff, the guy retreats to his area and grumbles and mutters all day. Then we come in the next day and the guy who was threatened finds personal items missing or destroyed, but when he complains to the gutless boss the boss says "But nobody actually SAW him touch that stuff, and besides if you'd just leave all of your personal items at home then this wouldn't happen so it's YOUR fault".

We're a state agency - There is no owner. We've tried reporting the guy to Internal Security and all they say is that they can't do anything until he actually gets physically violent, so we should take it up with the union, who says we can't do anything against a fellow employee, the union will can only back us up if we go after management.

It's tear-your-own-hair-out time around there, quite a bit...
George, Why do you think, "it is the only way they know"? This is what interests me on this topic. I would like to understand why being a bully or one who attacks another is justified by some mentally and not by so many others.
Why is it ever ok to attack another human under any circumstance?
Good discussion here. Dealing with a bully can be a difficult thing, especially in the workplace. A bully can make your life miserable if you let him or her. It's especially difficult if management does not take action against a bully. If there is some way to document the bully's behavior, that is helpful. One thing management always has to do is protect itself. Management can't fire a bully if there is not enough evidence against him or her. At the same time, they can't ignore evidence brought to them by victims either or else they could face a law suit. Good luck to Snagg. I hope the problem gets resolved. I'm sorry you have to go through that.
Hello Blondie,
This is a topic that definately needs more awareness. Both shows by Oprah and Dr. Phil have had episodes about bullying. There are many online victums also. Our support and voices need to be heard! Thanks for bringing up this topic. I believe if we haven't been bullied ourselves most likely we know someone who has. Speaking up with support will help!
Blessings to you, Maducks :)
Did you try not talking to the guy if you don’t have to?
Usually the quiet ones are the ones to watch.
Oh, this guy isn't quiet by any stretch of the imagination, even when nobody's paying attention to him - He never stops bitching about everything under the sun; The stinking President and it's all his fault, the stinking last President and it's all his fault, the dumb assholes who believe in global warming, the stupid assholes who don't believe in global warming, how stinking foreign cars have destroyed the noble American automobile industry, how the stupid American automobile industry had better start thinking like those genius foreign car makers or they're hopelessly fucked, how he knows how to run every machine in the shop better than anybody else, including machines he's never gone near that have had the same operator for a decade, how he can kick the ass of any man on the planet but simply chooses not to, how the entire world can just kiss his ass, how he's the greatest dead-eye marksman since Annie Oakley, n****ers, sp*cs, w*ps, Jews and other Un-Americans, how dirty gutless bigots are Un-American, those no-good rotten traitorous bastards in the media, those no-good rotten traitorous bastards who criticize the media, how he single-handedly won the Siege of Saigon, how we're all stupid shitheads except for that guy over there, he REALLY knows what he's doing, except that guy over there is a complete loser and doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground....the guy's a non-stop broken record. That's what he sounds like every day.
Once I received an email, it described where I lived to a tee, even to the broken basement window and my cat. Apparently it was sent to thousands of people.

I'll bet none of them freaked out . . .

I don't worry any more. It's a waste of my time. Yeah-ya. Instead I've taken up a hobby.


I play in traffic . . .

Like I always say, "I went to a CATHOLIC school - I've been tortured by EXPERTS."

I'm just annoyed sometimes when he gets bored and wanders around and messes with my stuff...
Well, if you've been tortured by experts then you should have plenty of ideas on how to deal with the guy. I certainly don't recommend banding together will all of your coworkers and all of their friends to form your own little network of networks to drive the guy batchit. But it would be an effective solution.

What might be really creative would be to find out where a big drug house is, and make sure he is in the area about an hour before a big bust there goes down. The trick is that something needs to take place at the house to catch his attention, as if he witnessed something, and then just have someone he doesn't know call him at home.

You know. Just to make him nervous. Give him a focus point, someone to blame, for everything else you plan to do over the course of the next, say, six years . . .

Like I said, it isn't a method I recommend. It usually has consequences, as in unintended. Kinda like Timothy McVeigh . . .




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