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Ok, time to confess. How many of you still have the old TBD site linked up, still in your favorites or set up to automatically open on your browser?
How many of you still check it to read Pru's last words...again?

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yes, still have it but not going to because i know it is down.
No i am not checking to just really, really make sure!

I left my good luck charm over there..

The old buzzard, one.
I still have the old TBD in my favorites.
Hey Lobo :-) I have Pru's last words on my My Page. Feel free to copy and paste it in yours if you like. I haven't taken TBD one off of my desktop yet, maybe someday.
Nope all closed down, but thanks for checking!
I never linked to the old site. I just typed in the URL by hand every time.

I'm a typer. I don't bookmark things very often, unless I know they'll be difficult to find again.

I still type it from time to time, when I'm tired.




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