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Who are these people? Have you been to a HS reunion lately. Are all the attendees from some old people planet? What happened? Was there a collection for some HAIR charity about which I wasn't notified? Why is the congo the only dance performed? What is the proper way to hold on to someone's walker while doing the Congo?
When did suspenders become part of the "IN" attire? Why is your former sweetheart's Mother/Father there instead of your old flame? Were you the last one left standing at the after party party at the "MOOSE" club?

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We went to my reunion. Had a great time and got lots of laughs.
Man, everyone got old.
A few tried to fix me up with an old classmate. I found that extremely tacky.
I took my wife with me. No one ended up in jail in our class.
Won’t go to anymore. So now I have to punish my friends for actions by a few.
At the risk of sounding cocky and obnoxious, my reunions have been fun. I'm the youngest looking person there (male or female), and still have my hair, unlike some others (male or female). What's funny is that I went to Parochial schools, and some of the nuns are STILL ALIVE. And even some of them look younger than some of my classmates.
That's scarry.......do you think maybe they're vampire nuns?
Could be. Except, instead of blood, they survive on the broken knuckles of bad little boys and earlobes. I know they have several of mine.
OK!!! Here is the dirty little secret. I Love my High School Reunions. I get to see old friends that I usually only see at reunions. We talk. We laugh. We drink. We dance. We eat. We usually end up at the local MOOSE Club until the wee hours of the morning. Every time there are fewer of us survivors. We pay our respects to the ones no longer with us and then party as though they were there. We plan future meetings. We have a really good time. But we are getting older, a lot older. The stories get bigger and better, the talk gets louder. The Senior moments are more frequent. But we still have a hell of a good time.
Cheers Robbie
Me too.... they are fun




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