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OK- Would Somebunny Let Me In On Pru's Thing w/Rabbits?

Alright, I've had enough. I am obviously completely out of the loop on a thing Pru has w/rabbits. What is it?!

She sends Happy out hunting for them & cooks one up
for supper every Saturday night?
(somehow I'm guessing Happy would jump at the sight
of a rabbit & then play nice w/it)

~ ~ ~

She was in the boat w/President Carter during the infamous killer rabbit attack?
(there she is, in the front of the boat, right behind that tree)

~ ~ ~

The dust bunnies under her bed came to life
& she had her own Nightmare on Pru Street?

~ ~ ~

She was out on an innocent walk by herself one day, in the lovely
Texas countryside, & a giant rabbit approached her & scared the
bejeezuz out of her, causing her to spend all of her retirement
on therapy for Giant Rabbit PTSD?

~ ~ ~

She was in a great love affair with Roger Rabbit, until he ran off
with that red-headed floozy, Jessica, and now she's turned against
all rabbits b/c of that lowdown, lyin', cheatin', two-timin' Roger??  

~ ~ ~

Come on, somebunny - dish!

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I'm not exactly sure about Pru's thing with rabbits, but the truth cannot compare to any ONE of your scenarios. Very very funny.

I'm sure when Pru reads this, she'll need to take plenty of anti-anxiety meds before she can reply. Large quantities of alcohol may help.
Some questions are not only left best unanswered but unasked.

Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pru can be stranger than fiction!
Your in trouble now!!!
Nobody's talking!
What're you - chicken?
Are you guys afraid of itty-bitty little PRU?
Come ON!

~ bawk ~ bawkbawkbawkbawk ~ bAWk......
Yes, I'm a chicken.

does Pru eat live baby chicks, TOO???
No, but ZOMBIE RABBITdoes....

EWWWW>>>>>> TSD!!!! Too much! Too much! **ALARM**ALARM**AHOOOOHgah!**AHOOOOHgah!**
Make it go away! Just make it go away!
Raleigh is not all that far from me..... I CAN come over there & open up a can o' Alabama whoop@ss on you - you better make it go away!

(okay, that's about as threatening as I can muster, considering the substance. did it work?)




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