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Kittycat received a clean bill of health from her doctor this afternoon. We're off to FL Friday via Bridgeville, PA and Raleigh NC and Charleston SC. After FL we're off to Dallas via Mobile , AL and Houston TX. Then we'll return home via Texarkana, TX and Dickson, TN. If you live along the way let us know, we'd love to meet you


I'll use this thread to post pics of our roadtrip.

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They sounded very upbeat - Larry was of course tired - nine hours on the road! Kitty Cat sat in the back and watched a movie. We had a right good laugh all on my speaker phone! Cameras and laptops at the ready for uploading pictures once they are with us.

More tomorrow! Night all!
Why didn't Kittycat finish her breakfast?
She stopped eating as soon as George said to her: "Wow! You really eat a lot". lol
Larry! Naughty! Lol is not enough, you will be doing penance.

*I hope Kitty is declawed!*

But thanks for sharing the pic - nice to see you, Goldi and George!
Hi Chez...So nice to see you. We're having a wonderful time. Here's a pic of George and Mary that I took. They are the nicest people. We are planning on seeing each other again in the future.

What a lovely photo! Hi Mary ! Hi George!
Hi, Diana! Thank you! I really like the photos from your party with the Kremises too.
Thank you, Chez! Good to have you back, you were missed.
We really enjoyed meeting with you and Kittycat, Larry! We are looking forward to the next time, as well.
Be safe in your travels, and say hi to everyone for us!
The Best Western is nice enough. Standard room. It would be great for a single occupancy. Check out the bathroom.

Kittycat's toiletries are in the black bag, mine are in the Walmart bag on the toilet (I travel in style). The only desk is big enough only for my laptop. There's no table, so the coffee maker goes on the bathroom sink. lol. Can't complain though for $39 per night through Hotwire.
Wow! I didn't know you could stay that cheap anywhere any more! Good site.
Unbelievable! I have a toiletries bag just like yours, Lar!




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