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Kittycat received a clean bill of health from her doctor this afternoon. We're off to FL Friday via Bridgeville, PA and Raleigh NC and Charleston SC. After FL we're off to Dallas via Mobile , AL and Houston TX. Then we'll return home via Texarkana, TX and Dickson, TN. If you live along the way let us know, we'd love to meet you


I'll use this thread to post pics of our roadtrip.

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There's a bunch of you I want to see on the left coast rt. We'll fly there and rent a car. I'll have to let Kittycat's bank account grow again before we can do that one. You could come this way ya know?
We'll see who visits who first!
$2.34 H A H
I need that $2.00---4.5 feet of snow and the road I live on is barely passable. I hate this mess. Have a great trip and happy sailing, or is that driving. This snow is driving me nuts!!!!
It's been an unbelievable winter there in the mid-Atlantic blondie. I've been whining here all winter and we didn't get hit as hard as you, at least not all at once.
... AND - they are on their way to us - too! Dinner with us on Sat. with day fun too!
Very excited!
Thanks, everyone! Can't wait to get started to meet all of our TBD friends. This will really be a memorable trip!
Have fun you kids. Lar please give those TBD ladies you visit a little peck on the cheek for me, wouldja? Use your own discrection if any of them seem to prefer a full frontal lip lock. Oh, and PM me with that kind of info.
Ok Gary, you know you can trust my discretion. I'll PM the details.
Hahahaha if you try this in front of TSD you'll be in hospital in Raleigh!!! Now if I try it with you . . . hehehehe will Kitty Cat spank me???!

Don't forget your camera Larry and a USB cord - we can upload picture on my laptop during the dinner party!
Sounds great Diana. I've seen pics of TSD. I'll behave.
Year and a half? Where'd ya get that? Unlike you, I'll take the laptop so you can still belittle me. God forbid you should have to miss that.

Thanks for the good wishes. Send postcards? It's always about you, isn't it?




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