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i'm sure we'll be all over the map on this one . and this is america so we're all allowed to have an opinion .. and nobodies is more important than anyone elses .. so play nice ..

it seems that a 9 year old girl was taken to a gun range in arizona .. ( she was from jersey ) and was bein taught how to fire a gun .. from what i understand it was her first time .. and the gun was an uzi which is a small automatic weapon .. well she was 9 and the gun had a bit of a kick to it and once fired it got away from her and she shot the instructor in the head by accident and killed him .. she isn't gonna be charged with anything and i don't think she should be unless she did it on purpose which she didn't ..

so my question of the day here is do you think kids that young should be allowed to handle firearms with the proper instruction ?? far as i know its the only fatality by someone so young WITH AN INSTRUCTOR ..  we all know about them sad stories about kids shootin guns by mistake and killin themselves or siblings or friends cause they don't know anything at all about guns .. seein as we're not gonna get rid of guns anytime soon would you rather kids be educated about guns or just not even talk to them about them ?? you also have to consider that a lot of the accidents happen at a friends house and most people never ask do you have loaded guns at your house that my kids or your kids could get into ?? i know this is a hard question .. i'd rather educate them .. that in itself will never remove all the risk of guns in the home but it may cut down the amount of accidental shootins by kids by a good percentage .. what do you think ?? if you think not all i'll say is dick chenney who is probably one of the most pro gun owners shot someone goin duck huntin .. so if kids are too young to be educated and handle firearms ( with the proper instuction ) then we'd have to say that vice presidents shouldn't be able to either .. ok maybe thats goin a little too far to make my point .. but he did shoot someone in the face .. 

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to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed .. and the muskets as opposed to automatic weapons was what i was referin to p.a. .. you got it right away ..and not all muskets were guarded .. some were in the public magazine also but most everybody owned one and none of those to my knowledge were taken away .. and the term the people as i always understood it meant just that .. all the people .. not some of the people .. or certain people .. if that was implied then i'm sure it would say who THOSE PEOPLE WERE AND WERE NOT . no such distinction was made that i'm aware of .. and i agree about james madison .. who knew what the future would bring ?? but i'm sure he was glad that some americans did have their own guns when the brits invaded in 1812 .. they still burned washington dc anyway tho .. i'm bettin at that moment he was wishin there were even more americans that were armed to meet them .. just a guess tho ..  

What Madison meant by "the people" is all of the people in common could hold the weapons in a magazine. Guns owned by individuals were not military weapons. By the seventeen nineties most hunting guns were rifles not muskets. Rifles were much more accurate but took too long to load to make good military weapons. Pistols were often carried for protection but we're extremely inaccurate. The 9th amendment covers the right to own and carry such weapons.

I think a well regulated militia would be slaughtered by our government with all the weapons our government has produced. There is so much power in our war machine that any bunch of resistance fighters would be a puff of smoke. The whole concept is ridiculous in this day and time. I am not saying our government can't go bad, in fact I think it's 60% that way now but all the cowboys who want to resist with guns will have a big surprise waiting.

I agree, Lifesighs.  I think we're way past the time when an armed militia could take on the federal government although I fully realize that they are expecting to do so and think they will win.

you're probably right lifey and thats a scary thought too .. but just the idea that there are millions of people out there who do own guns and won't just give them up might be enough to give any politician pause before they decide to go bad .. and while some in the army might just blindly follow orders some might not . the whole scenario would be horrific but i think most would prefer the choice of fightin back then to be marched off to some death chamber like hitler did to anyone who wasn't in lockstep with him .. i'm hopin it never ever happens but in the meantime the guns are here and the original point of this post was if children should be educated about guns .. and i'm aware that some are dead set against that .. i can agree with them as far as not wantin their kids on a gun range .. but i think that gun safety is somethin that should be taught to everyone , startin with kids right on up to adults .. we'll still have bad guys with guns , and crazies with guns , but the amount of accidental shootins will go down for sure .. i doubt they'll all disappear for good any more than i think education about traffic safety will eliminate car accidents .. but its a good place to start and any decline in gun mishaps should be welcomed ..  




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