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Okay I rarely do serious so bear with me.

There used to be a family that lived across the corner from our house. A woman with three girls and her new husband. A few months ago they moved out into the country. She worked evening as a nurse's aide and the step-dad stayed evenings with the girls. Can you see it coming? Dang. Yep. He was raping the youngest girl. Pretty graphic sorry. He's sitting in jail right now.

I know how it makes me feel and I know what I'd like to do that guy but I'll refrain from expounding on that thought. I doubt if I'll come back to this and respond. It's just kind of shocking that something like this happened so closely.

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and me.
and me too.
If the guy is convicted--child molesters are not exactly well loved in prison neither!
I've heard that, too, HAH.
Sadly Ubu a family member be it a step-father, cousin, or Uncle/Aunt is more often to be an child predator than we would like to believe. I myself am quite glad that the family member that did this to me and my cousin is DEAD!! Karma I suppose:-)BTW- I was not the least bit phased when I was told he was dead and I won't bullshit and say that I was not Thrilled to hear of his passing! AMF.
Sorry about that. Didn't mean to be a bummer, I'm cool .Just saying I understand this .
Your last comment, Great, that's my feeling, too. Or remove what makes him want to do what he does. Sorry folks, no sympathy.
That would have to be his brain...and not the little one, either.
Bless you trr. I knew you worked in child services, I don't know why it never crossed my mind that you dealt with this kind of thing. I don't think I could do your job. Hunt them down sweetie, I'm sure they'll enjoy their stay in prison.
My daughter being in the DA's office, they deal with this type stuff all the time. She tell me things that are sick. Since she has my grandchild when she sees this kind of thing come in, she makes sure there are no deals made.
If that could have only been done for jaycee Dunard a long, long time ago!!
That's got to be one tough emotional job, trr.




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