TBD on Ning

Brian was kind enough to give me permission to post this as a discussion.
I would like to thank him for putting this together but allowing it to be shared.


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That was great!!! Thank you very much for sharing... :)
Great job Brian, but now you got me all misty eyed!!!
Very sweet, and the song was heartbreakingly appropriate. Thank you B. We miss you.
Very cool Bull, thanks.
That slideshow clip was lovely. It revealed a lot of heart in its making. Good work Brian.
Hey Bull,
Thanks for posting this here. I DO like it very much, but I only wish I could have included more people. I had only scattered saved images to work with (many of them sort of 'accidentally' saved as part of saved discussions) - and being a purist I wanted all the images to be from the original site. It is a bit slanted toward me and some of my favorites... Although it does leave out a few of my favorite people.
Yes, it was a good place. I do miss it.
Don't start me up again!

It is beautiful. It shares a moment that many of us will always remember. Some of us -- not without a gentle shove in the back of the neck... But, you done good, Brian! Precious. and Wonderful!!!

Thanks again.

Do those nude pics of me now, while everyone is interested.
Oh my how hilarious! KarneSme that is sooooooooo cute!!!
And there's me - in my bathing suit. I totally had forgotten that within the last 48 hours I got frisky with my profile picture cuz I was throwing one last party on The Lady Z - hustling everyone attending into the zodiacs for the island of Ning. I saw it and I BLUSHED . . . oh dear me. I was so embarrassed, thru my tears! I miss TBD Prime so much. Always will.
Very nice Brian, thanks.

KarenSme, did you lose weight?
*snifff.....sniff....* I still have my original avatars if you want them Brian.....ya know....JayLee53....loyal...stalwart...not so witty but occasionally amusing girl about TBD????

Great vid BTW....
Why, JayLee53! Of course I was saving you for the sequel! Of course.
It MIGHT be fun to do another. I at first thought I'd whip it together in 15 minutes. If I knew how long it would really take (I've never done one of those things before) it might have occurred to me to get original avatars rather than the limited selection of grainy ones I had...
All I can say, KarenSme, is Va Va Va Voom!
And definitely, this makes the sequel.




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