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I'd like to restart a interactive game I liked from the old place, maybe started by Cowgirlu, but I'm not sure.
What you do is posit a choice between two things, and the next person chooses and posits the next choice. I will start the choices below

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A dentist doctor

Sweet tooth or sensitive tooth
Sweet Tooth

Bus or Taxi?
mixed baby greens

sweet potato or white potato?
sweet potato

Cherry tomatoes or roma tomotoes

Hot body or hot voice

Canadian bacon or Canadian postal codes?
gold ( better than stock )

Gold tooth or diamond tooth
Gold tooth, I think it would look good on a doberman.

Sour patch kid's candy or (looking at what is still left from Holloween) Starburst?
sour patch

onion dip or ranch dip?
soup & sandeich

Half-cocked or ill-conceived?

your nature:
tough or gentle?

mustard or ketchup?




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