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I am not famous. I have reconciled myself to the fact that I will not ever even rate a footnote in history. And I am happy with that.....as I do not wish either fame nor infamy. But I have been part of some world famous events.

Have you ever been part of a world famous event? Ever march with Martin Luther King?....escape the devastation of the World Trade towers?....had sex with Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain?...been at Woodstock?....one who gathered nude to break the Guinness world record?.....attended the Beatles last concert tour?....took the waters at Lourdes?....made a pilgrimage to Mecca?.....cussed the Cubs at the end of the year?.....flashed your breasts at Mardi Gras for some beads?......

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Cmon Hu, I'll bet you did half those things you mentioned. I got out of the army in Oct. '68. The summer of '69 4 of us guys took a road trip to DC. My one buddy had a sister who lived there and had enough room to put us all up. There was a huge demonstration against the Viet Nam war going on at this time. It wasn't the intentions of my buddies and I to demonstrate but we did get caught up in the excitement of it all. I got maced, tear gassed and swung at with a nightstick (he missed). I did flash my breasts at a Steelers playoff game one winter in the late 70's.
I was at the first Earth Day celebration in Washington D.C. in 1970. Other than that nothing else memorable comes to mind or that I'd like to tell about anyway. lol WISH I had gone to Woodstock....wanted to but wasn't allowed to :)
Hi, TS, don't see enough of you...

I took a picture of Lance Armstrong as he zipped past me during the Tour de France this summer...
Okay, so I'm a late bloomer...

That's cool Chez.
Hi Chez.....
Don't really know 'how' to keep up on posts unless it's the same day. I'm not really good at this new TBD format and responding and all. But no matter.....I just check in when I can. Lance is great. We have a 'Tour de France' in our town and it's always a big hit :)
In my family, cussing the Cubs at the end of the year has become a tradition. It comes right before the declaration, "Next year will be our year!" Hope springs eternal....

I don't know about world famous events, but I was part of a court case which set precedent for students to obtain in-state tuition if they married someone from that state. Sort of like getting your green card, lol!

I did flash a certain part of my anatomy at the top of a mountain once. It was tradition, and I got there first!

Other than that, no fame for me.
HAHAHAHA....I'm thinkin' it would be appropriate to flash that "certain part of your anatomy" at a Cubs game!
Fame assured?
Yeah, that would give Pat & Ron something to talk about, lol!
As I have written on here before. I was at WOODSTOCK. Now that my Dad has passed, I can finally talk about it. I don't think he can get me from the grave. yikes, this may be a loong night!!!! Picture just fell off the wall===bye folks--bathroom time
Chicago DOES have another baseball team. GO SOX!




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