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Name a TBDer who fits a given notable then create a new "notable" award
for the next person to answer. Be nice!!!!!!

*Notable -
a distinction given

ex.  Most likely to find a fairy....
       Lily Roth  

       Most likely to fall off his Evil Knievel Harley...
       Larry Kremis

Now we shall begin:

Most likely to fly...

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Person most likely to lose his license due to too many speeding tickets
Anyar-- she loves fast cars and is a NASCAR fan.

a. Person most likely to find a golden egg in the Easter Egg Hunt
b. Person most likely to stew the Easter Bunny for dinner
A. Blondie
B. Our very own Pru

Person most likely to share his/her opinion with no reservations, and without hesitating to hit the "Add Reply" key.

Person most likely to hesitate before hitting the "Add Reply" key
It's a tie. SandraDee, Sara Lisa, Kittycat. They're all very sensitive.

Most likely to shower fully clothed. (most modest)
Most likely to shower fully clothed. (most modest)
Tim Elston (He said he likes wearing clothes as opposed to walking around nude.)

Most likely to streak or flash through NYC.
Most likly to streak through NYC.


Most likely to be seen pushing a shopping buggy full of pokes.
Most likely to be seen smiling this morning.

Most likely to be walking a dog.




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