TBD on Ning

Ning will be down Tuesday July 20th so they can switch to the new plan.
They say the network will be down from 9:00am  till approximately
11:00am PDT. We all know how these thing go so it may run longer. They
scheduled it at that time so all hands would be on hand to help.

Over thelast couple of months there have been many questioned and concerns
discussed about the direction of Ning and more directly how they will
affect TBD.


We stilldon't have all the answers, however in the next few days Ning will be
introducing new features along with their new pay plan.
So hopefully we will have a few answers shortly. At this point we are not sure
exactly how the new features may impact TBD,  if any look interesting
or  helpful for TBD they will be implemented if possible and practical.

Let me just add on a personal note TBD is a community effort and it takes
everyone's effort
to keep it interesting and viable. Probably the best way to get more
members is to invite people personally.
Thank You

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Thanks, Bull. Fortunately Quinn put up a time zone map so we can all count on our fingers and figure out the down time where we are!
Good luck with that, Chez!

I know what time it is....my 'puter tells me so....!
It would be cool if we could put a flag or tack on the map. There was one at my grocer the other day...put a thumb tack where you live...methinks it's a marketing ploy but WTH so is this! We are, after all, universal. No border wars here. And we all speak the same language....keyboard.
I don't speak keyboard very fluently....I speak hunt and peck best.

Explains a lot.....
Looks a little hen pecked.
Where do you find all of the pictures you post that fit the subject so well? I can't even get my own picture to show up right.
Well turned inquiries....I got a million of them...
Chez is a bit more adept I must say....
Thank you for the map, Quinny, how thoughtful!
I like this map, too, Quinn. Could you help me out? I'm in time zone S and Chez is in A, if it's noon here, what time is it in France? :-)
Thanks, Bull
Well, I misread this yesterday....misreading is something I do quite often these days......and thought the site would be down until 11:00PM, not 11:00AM. To my credit, I did remember that it was based on Pacific Daylight Time.

So I checked back in, and glory, glory, I found ten of you here, carrrying on like nothing had happened.

Now I feel like my day won't be complete.

I do want to thank Bull for keeping us apprised. His message was concise.....I wish my receiving unit was even half as clear.




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