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Name one good deed or act you did today.

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I washed my Mom's truck for her.
Trucks get washed???
They do in Beth's town.
That is so great!
That really is great Quinny.
That was sweet of you to do that, Quinn. I bet they really appreciated it, too.

In Seattle, several years ago, a 12-year-old girl had a ministry of bringing food to homeless people. After that, I never heard much more about it. Wonder where she is today, and what she's doing with her life?
I didn't post on TBD.

Nick was being considerate of all of us today. Thanks Nick.
I mowed my sister's lawn for free, and picked up her trash.
Yesterday...or more appropriately last night, my band played a benefit for a local musician in need. The event raised a good amount of $$$. Tonight I get to deliver fresh, hot pizzas to hungry people.
On April 9th I left Houston for the weekend.
I attempted to help an old couple pump gas. By the time I got to them, the old lady was already headed inside to get help. I waited with the old man to make sure she came back with help, I made sure I let him know how little patience I have for helpless people like him.




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