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Name one good deed or act you did today.

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I can't remember what I had for dinner. If I do a good deed, I'll be sure to jot it down.
I didn't piss off Pru, so far at least.
Mari? I think you misinterpreted your picture. I don't believe it's one frog helping another, I think they just want to know what's in the drain overflow. They're up to no good I tell ya.
I gsve the housekeepers some really fattening cookies someone gave me. I know they do not need the pounds, but neither do I. They have small children, so they get more excercise.
I picked up a beer can from along the road this AM. (used gloves, its cold out there)
A nickel is a nickel.
Folded my fiancee's laundry and brought it upstairs.

Loaned my truck to a friend who's moving and shared our breakfast with her before she left.

Threw a brick at some stranger who was driving too fast through our neighborhood.
Our Grandson stopped by around noon with a buddy of his. Of course, the 1st words out of his adorable mouth was "I'm hungry, what do have to eat, Grandma?" lol I made them spaghetti & meatballs. They chowed down and actually said thank you and were out the front door before I could say "Your welcome."
I didn't tell Larry to "BITE ME" one single time today. Does that count?
In my book it counts. What a nice puppy you are!!!
I lent my daughter my car without complaining.
I let my son practice driving (stressful for me).




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