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She was her usual pleasant self and then she started to cry. She had called to tell me our first cousin who we had spent lots of time as children, had died suddenly. He just did not feel well for a couple days, and zap, his life was over. He was in his late 50's This has really got me thinking. We better grab that gold ring while we can!!!!!! Life will only wait for us so long. Enjoy it my friends!!!!!!!

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Sorry to hear that.

One never knows.
Sorry for your latest lost Blondie. It does remind us the time to go may not be in the know by anyone! never have been--never will be
You and your family have my sympathies, Blondie.
My condolences to you and your family Blondie.
Yes, I know what you are thinking, Blondo. I also was confronted with co-workers and friends and even the news last week -- revealing the sudden deaths of their loved ones or ones they hardly knew. Unfortunately, they all had the same KarenSme "ring" to them: "He/she died at 55 by an aneurysm, a freak car accident, a stroke..." Geez -- I'm 55 and I want to drive 80 or more!

You are correct. We need to cherish the life we have; the moment in our hearts and hands right here and now.

I will. I mean I AM!
KarenSmo-cherish (aka KarenSme)
We need to cherish the life we have; the moment in our hearts and hands right here and now.

Karen, you are so right. (there is a lot of wisdom in that oversized noggin head of yours) But I agree, it is sometimes hard to see what is right in front of us because we sometimes look at the small picture, and not the big one. And, yes, I am one of the offenders. Can I give myself a KITP?
So with you on this one KarenSme. I drive 80 as much as I can and get irritated if I can't. I'm a few years older than you Karen, but I feel and act younger than lots of people I know who are way younger than me. WTF
Or better yet, dont fear it.
Last weekend I was in a seminar about living the RV lifestyle. The subject of what kind and how big a RV you should buy came up. Should you buy what you want, or should you buy what you think you could get by with, and get a better one later if you decide the one you buy now doesn't fulfill your wants and needs. The Instructor, (who isn't a RV salesman) used a tape measure to answer the question. Let each year of your life be equivalent to one inch. Let one inch represent one year of your statistically determined average life span. Look how much of the tape you have already covered and how much you have to go. Should you put anything off? I may start looking for a better RV. You have my condolences Blondie. Do what you want while you can.
I'm sorry for your loss, Blondie.
Yes, Karen, life in the fast lane... live it, baby!
Drive at night, drive lots of hours, just do it.
Thanks, Robbie, for the sobering visual. Gee, I need to get going.....got lots to do before the bell rings.




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