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My response to all the mediocre and ignorant people in the once glorious, now totally lost and almost dead tbd land

Calling me a spammer, deleting my blog post, ignoring copyright laws, ostracizing me, productive member of the community, leads to a slow death of this community. Unfortunately, I did not notice that - I was helping to revive the headless dead tbd body.

This community is clinging to life, but there are no ideas that feed it, therefore I predict that it will die. Forbidding links, deleting blog postings – total ignorance, a sign of a very mindless policy and disrespect to one of the oldest members of the tbd community – me. Community self-destruction process started. The results will appear very soon.

I thank all people that expressed their concern and support to me.

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Steven, this scandalous thread keeps attention of certain members because most likely it is the one that has some kind of real life ingredients: accusations, threats, banning, real feelings, insults, failed business, ignorance - aren't those the ingredients of an exciting movie? I have an idea, let's create a movie 'One year in a life of a social network'. We can throw in some real questions: Sex, Erotica, Unfaithful Husbands, Monogamous Couples, Sexless Marriages, Online dating where nobody dates. What do you think, Steven? I feel my marketing itch starting. I can find some pieces and bits of the old tbd. Yes, it is true: not too much, but I recently found some old tbd discussions on internet. I know how to get a hold of them. How do you like the idea, Steven?
I can contribute what I have, only I would like to play the part of the dog, old yeller ! lol

I've heard I play it well and I get "put down" in the end, You know shot! That should solve alot of problems for a few!
Oh, yes, Tina. The roles. I'll be ... Alla aka Redflower.
Well since my entire existence is a fake, falsehood and lie from the day I was born according to those who "know me so very well" I would say I should follow suit of that and be the shot dog, you don't mind do you?
I am in some form or have been accused of censorship myself Steve. I didn't feel it was censorship at the time. I felt it was not getting knocked around some more before I could heal from the last round.
But I have since learned that it doesn't really matter what people do here, to make things good, friendly or workable, if a certain gang or group decides it's time to bully gang attack it is going to happen and going to be allowed. Until Ning, I found this to be true and now I have found three members so far of those who volunteered to over see things, to be trying to sort much out. My hope is that all, meaning EVERYONE will grow and that TBDNing would become a better community for all not just for a gang of mean spirited, angry bully's.
Life and community is about growth I think, and when one member of the community is hurt, or in trouble the rest is supposed to come forward and try to help. Alla, has serious questions and still would like to work it through. Why is this a bad to some and how dare you walk away from a fellow member, what are you folks about, really? Is it really all about little word games? ONLY? really? That just isn't reality, or fun, that is just boring which is an acceptable word because I know who used it last on thread! Be something guys, let your lives mean more than something for meanness and ugly. Why don't you try, being the "bigger person" also not used first by me, and jump in to help and be a real friend than to ignore like the woman doesn't exist. Is it really that you don't have the time or is it that you just plain don't give a darn about anyone but yourself and your gang members!
Frankly, I don't think that half these bullys would be so in real life and I don't even believe they mean to be on here. I do feel that a hole was dug and alot of foolish or non thinking people jumped into that hole and now don't really know how to jump out without someone jumping on them.But then that is just how I think. I spend my life finding the good and what might be still good in people and in situations or I would have been long gone from here when I first learned of how things were allowed to work sometimes here!
I don't wish to leave, I wish to have resolution, resolve and move forward. The same as I began.

How can you trust one another when you see how quickly you can and do turn ugly on one of your own...Or were you lying about who you were and what you offered in the first place?
I think both sides of this issue have validation Steve, I was duly ridiculed, You may be very sure of that. I also was again the topic of several discussions after that started by the same person whose comment I felt was going to draw more negative attention. She felt wronged and perhaps in this light she was.
I eventually felt the best thing to do was to set her free from any friendship, as from that one delete from my bloging, she continued to attack me without using my name, smart lady, only she became what I consider vicious by announcing to the world that people who share kindness, love, encouragement and happy quotes are fake people to begin with. Well, I admit I caved, she now does not receive them as don't those who could not wait to jump in on that!
I cannot help but to wonder Steve if some of these things are done for the betterment of the human race or for the fun of bringing hurt and or harm to another human being?
Freedom of speech has run into some true and very real issues these days with the lack of human decency having diminished as it has. It does raise questions.
On the other hand I own a gun and do not wish to have that right taken away either. So There are positive things to be said for both sides I think. Thank you for the thought provoking communication Steve,
I am speaking of over the world Wendy, being that this is a sensitive subject matter, I should have clarified. I think that the consciousness of society over all has lessoned, grown far more lax, with less expectation on basic kindness, goodness and empathy for others.
Well is this not the exact thing I shared? Only said with more poise and a choice of perhaps better words? I agree...From the second paragraph down and Can only hope that you are incorrect on the first sentence, Steve, I have to have hope.

And, Yes WendyLynn, People do carry on and survive. My goals are always higher than survival for some reason, I when I was able was always a "doer", always working for change, for something better, brighter and something that gave hope and growth. One of my many flaws I am sure, but the only way I know to make breathing worth the effort it takes to do it!
Not sure I have the mentality for this one Chuck However the one below is a nice song, is there a reason that you post these on this thread, I can't seem to make the connection as to "Alla's" discussion? Sorry to be so ignorant, Please enlighten me!
Tina, there is definitely a connection. The nice person Chuck is, understanding how ugly this reality is, he is trying to divert attention, to turn it to something nice, hoping that the ugliness stops. Am I right, Chuck?
Thank you Alla, That is nice, I can only hope that it spreads and continues in the lives and hearts of many.
Tina, I truly believe that whatever problems there are - they finally resolve and life goes on. I ran out of tbd time. This thread brought a closure. I am satisfied with the results, I said everything I wanted. I am not going anywhere, but I will hardly find time to waste in this lost land. I hope you are feeling some relief as well.





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