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My response to all the mediocre and ignorant people in the once glorious, now totally lost and almost dead tbd land

Calling me a spammer, deleting my blog post, ignoring copyright laws, ostracizing me, productive member of the community, leads to a slow death of this community. Unfortunately, I did not notice that - I was helping to revive the headless dead tbd body.

This community is clinging to life, but there are no ideas that feed it, therefore I predict that it will die. Forbidding links, deleting blog postings – total ignorance, a sign of a very mindless policy and disrespect to one of the oldest members of the tbd community – me. Community self-destruction process started. The results will appear very soon.

I thank all people that expressed their concern and support to me.

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Robin , you did a fine job with our original TBD . Personally , I would not call it a faliure . Great things came out of TBD . Some of us have moved on to the ' new ' TBD and are doing our best to make it work . That particular job is not up to you as much as it's up to each and every member of the web site . You've given us a vehicle , but not everyone is a good driver . Kudu s Robin , you certainly changed my life...for the better . Fortunately I am not a sensetive type . I've been brought to my knees of a couple of ocassions and accepted that it was nothing personal . Rules help prevent disorder . I'm down with rules and am still able to express my individual views . personally , I don't care if I'm liked or not , I'm here for me .
This thread reminds me of what they sometimes call suicide by cop. Meaning it seems you are doing everything to get this thread deleted as you warned your friends with a PM that it would be, yes it was shared. With the last post it also seems you are trying to get yourself banned.

Our first guideline.
Your Actions & Responsibilities
1. Respect other members and treat them fairly. I will not slander, libel, or otherwise attack other members. I will accept and offer constructive criticism graciously.

The moderators have shown a great deal of restraint with this thread, I would suggest you tone it down a little and consider yourself warned.
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do. Confucius
You seem to be confused Alla. If Robin had NOT created TBD (in it's original form) YOU would not even have a mouthpiece to spew this crap! Robin set up TBD on NING so members would have a place to go after the unfortunate closure of the original TBD. This post that you have added here regarding Robin as a "failure" is very sad and mean...Check yourself.
BTW- I really don't care what YOU may think of me, or the people talking about "On-line Bullying"...that is what YOU are doing and it's pathetic. STOP YOUR BITCHING!!(That was your picture/quote after my response at the beginning of this thread) I will if you will. May you find Peace and Wellness in your future endeavors.

Very full..so AWESOME!! Tired as all get out. Mom told me about this triflin' womans verbal attack on Robin, so I just had to chime in. Why is it that some folks feel such entitlement? LOL!!
Ahemm..That too shall pass. ( You know, the SHIT!!)
It is truly funny that it is "Ganging up" on a person, when THAT person has taken to use broad brushes and dark colors to paint an entire community. It is especially sad and discomforting for THAT person to call out the person that CREATED that community in the first place.
What were trying to achieve here Alla?...TBD dominance? Pee on a box or rub up on a wall...there is no TERRITORY here on TBD. You hang out where you want to, you BS in the political/religious threads if you want to, participate in Your Groups if you have some time, What you don't do is bite the hand that feed you. Of that I think you are just a bit guilty.
HappyMelody, you took the words right from my fingertips!! Goodbye Alla!
Yes to ignore seems to be the new rave now, when a discussion become too heated or not on a topic that a few enjoy they make motions to close the discussion, have the whole site closed to delete or they accuse people of being think skinned, whiners, drama makers ect.. There really are some people in the world who would like to solve actual problems as opposed to playing games all day. Which is fine of course, but not fine to do your thing and not allow others to do theirs as well.

And no need for name calling, I have run out of paper to keep track of them all already called.
Not everyone or all Steve. It is very difficult when someone feels that they are wronged by a community that they respect and love. You do not have to be a "founding member" to have joined this place. Although different, I relate to Alla and to others here.
Stupid or not, I hope that once again the opportunity to show who this community really is will win, and it will not be to cast more name calling, "drama, whiner, complainer, thin skinned, ect..It will be with hearts open to discussion and those who care enough to find solution and truth.
and many do, some do not. Words can cause damage Steve, you know that. Some of the worst abuse in this world is not physical it is emotional and those are the abusers that are so hard to nail. The ones who cause harm with manipulation and words.
Yes I also must agree with you, that people should be free to express themselves, but in truth has that "rule" been applied to all or as a matter of convenience and who is popular on a given day? I mean here in this community?
Some do really seem to be allowed to attack, lie, name call, ect...and then what a hissy they have when it might come back to them. Why can it and all be discussed?




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