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Will now that my river died down--and my baement have forgiven me for giving it a week long bath, and the weather got to almost 80 degrees today--I decided to give myslf an award an hitting the grill for my firt official grilling experience of the year 2010!!  The chickens and the corn went right to the grill--Yes they sure did!!  Woo hoo!!  Gosh I miss that dduring the winter!!


Well--I guess for now it will only hav to be a taste of what to come for thi summer---because this area is suppose to get ight back to the rain ethr tonight or tomorrow morning!  Ahh ell--It was nie to get a breather.  Back to giving the cats some swimming lessons again--I guess!

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Enjoy yourself Heart.
It's 50 here and I do BBQ year round.
Wow Darroll!! Really?? Here in New England--we kind of have problems grilling when we are buried under 5 feet of snow!!!
Darroll is an amazing guy, HAH. Super Grilling Man. (To the tune of Secret Agent Man).

Secret Agent Man
We have the BBQ under a metal awning that withstands deep snow. It did bow slightly with four feet of snow before I removed the snow. This week we have had five feet of snow in the hills above us.
Travel advisories have been out for weeks.
Grilling? I thought it was something else, I thought the cops were questioning you again.
They did. Then i hit the grill!




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