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I travel around a lot. I drive a 32 ft Class A RV towing a jeep Liberty. Since i don't have a navigator, I depend on a GPS device. It has a female voice that tells me where to go. Since I've been married twice and had a few girl friends, I have been told where to go many times. But, with the GPS lady I don't have to do what she says.

However, since I do need to hear what she says (I call her Nellie) I have found that I can't have the radio on or listen to books on CD. This means that I often go for long periods with no distactions. So, I think.

Today while driving through Alabama on  US Highway 80 instead of the Interstate.  I observed that there was  a lot of road construction.

There was also a number of signs proclaiming that this roadwork was being funded by the Federal Government as part of the "Put Our Country Back to Work Program". that is a paraphrase but means the same as what the signs said.

I thought "wait a moment, both the President and the current President have said that this country is in trouble because we are addicted to oil".  

What uses the most oil?

The cars and trucks on the highways.

The trucks probably consume more than the cars, but they are moving the stuff we need around the country.  

I have read that the cost of moving goods by rail is a very small fraction of the cost of moving goods by truck.

I think most of the difference in cost is the difference in amount of fuel required to move goods.

So, If we want to get over our addiction to Oil and also put people to work, why isn't the Government funding  the building of railroads?

I had many more thoughts about this subject, but I would like to hear what the rest of you think.

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When I drive I-40 it is like someone is under the RV punding on it with a sledge hammer.
Actually I think I-81 is about the worst interstate for trucks.




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