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How do you feel about getting multiple replies to a multiple mailing you didn't send? Let's get together and work out how to handle this new feature.

I really don't like the 'twitter' aspect of it. I am getting an inbox full of stuff that has nothing to do with me. Even though it may be mildly interesting to know who washed their car this weekend, it is really not my business. I didn't ask. I can get along fine without knowing that.

If I should send out a group mailing to announce that I've cut my hair or to invite you to a virtual party, I shall request that you reply only to me.

How about you?

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I just went into my account settings and selected "I don't want any emails from TBD." Seems the only way to fix it. I come here about once or twice a day to check and see what's up.

IMHO, "Reply All" is an email function that should be removed from all email programs. :)
Here is my point of view on creating a user's manual of ning: it's not necessary. The system is not complicated. Not too many decisions have to be made. It's a matter of hands-on experience. You need to play with options and to test, see what happens. PUSH BUTTONS! They are not going to bite and the computer will not fall apart. It's not that we have to write software. We are using it. Not a big deal. Every time you have a question, try to answer it. Push a button on the same screen. Does it do what you want it to do? Yes? Fine. No? Try another one. See what combination of options is going to do for you. If nothing helps, take a pen and write down the exact situation. For example: 'When I was doing bla-bla-bla, I looked at the screen and saw bla-bla-bla...'. Send that question to the person or group you go to. It is very important to look at the screen and understand what the function of each button is. Ask if you don't understand.
Easy for you to say! Alla you are one of the 23.463 members of http://developer.ning.com/ ! /;-D

Teasing aside, the point of TBD1 was simplicity so that people who were not Internet savvy could contribute with ease. To expect so many neophytes to stumble about here without guidance as they making mistakes and become frustrated is not reasonable to my mind (this is not directed at you Alla, I'm speaking in general). There is a good reason why George's help Group is so popular. Even you were surprised when you entered my group venue to discover that I could not close membership after the fact of creation. So a basic primer, including what happens when a "reply all is used" would not be amiss.
Diana, go and become a member. All you have to do is sign on. Go play. They give you a sandbox - it's a term for your website where you will test the applications you develop. BTW, every member of teebeedee.ning.com can be a member of any ning website. I think that hands-on experience will give people what they are missing. Answer a question: let's say there is a ning manual. How many people will read the manual? I am pretty sure, not more then 10. The rest will ask questions those that read the manual. I think that Georges idea was brilliant and that's why the group is so popular.
You know, that's a good idea! I have some time for a change. I like playing in sandboxes (that's why I'm here - what/!?) Tee hee. Thanks for the encouragement.

Yes, upon reflection, you have a very valid psychological point. Few would read the manual. Most of us today have the attention span of a flea. All this still does not solve the multiple mailing situ or the difficulties in tracking the activities of one's friends. One would think the latter would be a primo app. for a social network venue. I go through my friends list, click on their avatar, and track their activity from their discussion posts, as long as they have this visible for viewing. All this is giving me TBD1 withdrawal pangs.
Do this: go to the upper hand corner to search box. Type the name of your friend. Enter. It gives you a list. Look carefully at the list. You will find many interesting things there. Let me know if you want to learn the open source coding. Everything is free. I am doing the same thing. My job has nothing to do with PCs. I work on IBM computers. So, let's learn together. Ask questions.
That's it. I'm going to spend some time trying to type out a simple how to list.
I'm learning as I go too, but this and your comment below (well ow it's above me lol) brought tears to my eyes. Esp. as Chuck and George and so many others are frantically trying to help a many as they can, and their efforts and that of others is so admirable.

The problem so many are facing is how can one ask for help when one does not know what questions to ask!!!! Right Gayle? Of course it is.

You have 15 minutes to edit a comment. Click in and around the middle of the page. i t WILL re-open. Edit. Save. Do NOT panic when you do not see it drop right back into place. It does. Just wait a tick, and click on the page nbr. to your lower left. Your post will be there. It's late. I can't manage much more than this right now. But I promise I will help you guys. And Alla has a good point, do what i did - just keep click on things, nothing will bite and you will not loose your page! Keep everything very simple right now.AND

I really think folks need to SLOW down. I wasn't at the start of TBD 1, but I am sure people had to get used to the format and the ins and outs. I am not 100% comfortable with the New TBD, but I am not going to just give up TBD because I can't get the NEW program down pat. I just ask folks here to SLOW DOWN...Relax...we can get through this with some help from our friends here..it will be Okay :-)
Yes we will J Lee - we sure will. Hug
How wonderful to offer your services to those still learning the navigation to the new TBD.
Some of us are wandering around clicking on buttons which may be incorrect but as the
old saying goes, learning by trial and error and hands on normally helps one to remember
what not to do next time. lol At least that is my philosophy. ;)
Your philosophy is wonderful and proven. It works.




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