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How do you feel about getting multiple replies to a multiple mailing you didn't send? Let's get together and work out how to handle this new feature.

I really don't like the 'twitter' aspect of it. I am getting an inbox full of stuff that has nothing to do with me. Even though it may be mildly interesting to know who washed their car this weekend, it is really not my business. I didn't ask. I can get along fine without knowing that.

If I should send out a group mailing to announce that I've cut my hair or to invite you to a virtual party, I shall request that you reply only to me.

How about you?

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I believe that group mailings have their time and purpose...but should not be over used for everyday messages...if there is an announcement that MUST get to as many people as neccessary then it is proper...but if it isnt something of dire importance...then it shouldnt be used. PM should be just that PERSONAL communication between the writer and the recipient. I dont want to read anyone elses business that is none of my business and I dont want it to be...and I dont want to have to delete 20 messages before I can read the ones that are actually for me. And that is MHO.
Thanks for all of your input, and Cowgirl, you are a member of TBD so this concerns you and everyone here!
Let's continue to spread the word among those who do the 'reply to all', so that they will understand.
Yes Chez. a TBD Miss Manners may not be a bad idea.

Although we know there is no boot it may alert some to unbecoming conduct.

I really haven't figured out the site that well yet to make much in the way of suggestions.
Here's one, do not respond to any advertisement, it just encourages them.
I turned everything off except for messages to me specifically, I'll see how that works for a bit.
Yes but as you get into new and more groups, I'd like to be notified ONCE of new postings.
Did you get that post about how to make a million $$ overnight, sorry it wasn't only to you. LOL OK, an extreme example but maybe we can figure out something.
Love the Ms. TBD Manners idea! Chez - tag you are the IT gal if you want to take this on!

Today I rcvd. a multiple of multiples concerning our miserable alert situ (specifically how difficult it is to follow our friends as we did on TBD1) and I had not problem with this, albeit I replied specifically to the sender who had added to the missive, rather than repeat the whole deal again. I have noticed a decrease in multiple mailings, with one or two exceptions - specifically from one chap who still feels it necessary to advise all of his every discovery and every move /;-> !!!

Perhaps it's just a matter of time (after all it's very early days yet) until we have a better understanding of the mechanics of this joint. Thanks for starting this discussion Chez,. It's good to have a safe and civilized harbour to come to as we figure these problems out.
Pru Wrote:
I am of the opinion that if it is something important enough to interest that many people in the first place it should be open to discussion and does not belong in e-mail to begin with.

I think this is the point exactly Pru ~ and Chez's point too! The "missy manners" thing was meant strictly as tongue in cheek and a bit of a chuckle: after all there are still a few people who feel they must update everyone on their every personal discovery and personal daily endeavor . . .and this type of intimate intell. on a mass mailing frequent "twitter" basis IS annoying.

If we use the discussion platform more - and the multiple e-mail less, we might arrive at a general consensus faster, as we seem to be doing right here in Chez's discussion.

It's about being considerate and thinking about the mass mailing subject with care before posting. Of course a matter of general interest is important to know about! Perhaps a general call to arms e-mail specifying the name and link to a discussion group is the way to go (with an admonishment that an RSVP is not required!)

One announcement - and a meet - up at a specifically named discussion rendezvous point. Now if there is a consensus this will require a e-mail to all *chuckle* !
I think it's a little too early to create any rules. It's like moving to a new house: don't move any furniture for a year.
I hear ya.....i have been having the same problem, and it seems to be mounting daily. I thought TBD did'nt have any sort of technical help that could resolve this sort of activity?
This is the case I've been facing for the last 2 days: a person created a group and invited me. I do not wish to be a member of this group. She started sending out messages inviting people again and sending out highlights of the discussions in the group. Total quantity of people on the list is close to 120. People started sending messages with their response. I do not know majority of these people and not interested in their opinions. I sent out a couple of messages with a request to use 'Reply to all' button with consideration. Today the messages kept coming. I requested to take me off the list, informed that I was not interested in participating in the group and requested to stop sending me messages. My name is deleted. Here comes the humorous part: she deleted my name but did not create another mailing list. All future messages on the same subject will be mailed to the same mailing list unless she does it all over and creates a new mailing list without my name. The woman got hysterical and wrote a couple of things I do not wish to repeat, but basically accused me without naming me of being ‘unkind’ person. She is on my friends list for now. I don’t know how long I am going to tolerate it. It looks like my fuse is getting short. OK, I feel better now, lol.
Oh my! You see! Guidelines! Guidelines are needed! We had them on TBD Prime ~ Katherine (once known
as Kat - hint - it's Katherine now, pay attention ;) would ensure that we were reminded. . . and what are guidelines usually? A guide to being considerate and polite. In my instance one of my chums kindly and helpfully invited ALL her friends to join my FWO - so I had to go in and delete all the guys, twice. No easy feat, as many chaps have odd names, so one has to go out of the edit box to check the profiles . . . plus my friends got my invite and her invite, hopefully my friends didn't think I was recruiting her to bug them . . . it's all tricky without guidelines! ;-D

A good sense of humour about all this is critical! Suuse mention on TBD1 the importance of creating an e-mail account strictly for social networks fodder - and this does make life so much easier. I go in every two or three days and hit delete all!

And one can always create a RSS feed to track a group or subject of interest. I'm using my RSS here (pity it can't support multiples) to track my group and the discussions as added.

I gather that the "note" feature is limited to Robin's use - perhaps if we all (in agreement) formulated a set of guidelines for her approval she would post it? This would stop all the demanding comment and questions that are in her comment box (or were the last time I checked). Sometimes complete silence can be quite chilling.

We seem to have been given a safe harbour, and now we are left to hang ourselves and squabble as we stumble about trying to figure it all out. Like a ship without a Captain. I think our collective loyalty and dedication to carrying forward the ideals of TBD Prime deserves some appreciation, and appropriate guidance.
Yes, we need to continue working on the problem. Meanwhile, the messages keep coming to my inbox and email without me being on the list.




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