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Missing dogs, cats, or small (maybe medium-sized) children?

What do you all think of the invasive species problem in Florida with the Burmese python and other exotic species? Hand reared Burmese are relatively easy to handle and care for at first, but they grow to be very large snakes. After a certain size, there aren't very many predators that can take them on. They are very adaptable and could possibly spread across the southern United States if not stopped. Almost anything can become a prey item when the snake is big enough.

Are we ready for this?

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Which fish are those? Grass carp?
Oh yeah, I forgot about the snakehead.
It's an Asian carp, isn't it? They will leap right into your boat.
No ZenDog, they are two different species.

They need strict laws with stiff penalties to prevent people from owning pets with a high risk of becoming a dangerous problem.
Are you ready for the "They're trampling my rights as an American" hew and cry?
You're right Vernon, they'll certainly be excersizing their right to free speach. There should be no problem in countering them.
I just have to share something that amused me when I was packing up my household goods two years ago and shipping all from Toronto to Raleigh. I had a customs declaration of course, and there was a full, separate page, front and back form - about gypsy moths. I had to sign my life away assuring the US Customs bureau that I would not be importing any (they have devastated our Maple trees in Ontario and elsewhere). I was however sorely tempted to point out - that the darn things can fly . . . duh.

We also have a crisis in Lake Ontario with the zebra mussels, it's a constant battle to keep them out of the other Great lakes. Fortunately, there was no form to fill out for these critters!

This is courting disaster.
We need to eat more ham and bacon.




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