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I was disgusted to read that Mike Vick was going to play professional football again. To me he is worse than a dog. He think he really should be be banned from the human race.

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I find it very odd that people can work up such hatred for Vick, yet have apparently none for Little who got drunk and killed a young WOMAN.
Dog...human....I don't get it.
Maybe someone can enlighten me.
Human = ninety days
Dog = two years and people want to kill him
Sorry, that's warped.
How about this one...?

Human=90 days
Dog=2 years with people gunning for him.
Abortion doctors= get off scot free and they are revered for performing a necessary service.

The devil is in the details folks....and I think I can hear him and Vick laughing at us.

Oh I really stepped in it now didn't I? My boots will never smell the same! LOL
Well, the "abortion doctor" is actually performing a service that is protected by LAW whereas cock fighting and dog fighting are crimes in most states. The idiot who killed the doctor committed murder - as defined by LAW.

Are you saying that some people are above the law and others aren't? The person who killed Dr. Tiller committed premeditated murder, REAL murder - but he should be rewarded instead of punished?
Let him play and lets see what happens...He can turn this horrible thing into a positive one...He has a chance to an animal rights advocate now...In the poll of public opinion he will never measure up, but there are far greater evils out there out there.then Mike Vic playing football
The law is twisted no doubt. I think the point is that our athletes are put on such a pedestal that whether it's drunk driving and killing a pedestrian or using animals to fight (and then putting them in water and electrocuting them) they get a slap on the wrist.

Either ways it's horribly warped.

My bet is that Michael Vick will be caught do something bad again and then the hand-wringing will start all over again. Depraved indifference is depraved indifference whether it's toward a human or an animal.
Well now you've done it.
Just out of idle curiosity, how do you guys feel about chicken fighting? I mean, is it just a great an evil as dog fighting? Do chickens hold lesser value than dogs.
Would you feel the same about Vick if it had been chickens instead of dogs?
Yes, I think chicken fighting is as evil as dog fighting. It is illegal and should be treated more seriously than it is now.
It’s still morbid.
The looser usually gets tossed in a garbage can, alive.
This is sick behavior.
Animals fight enough without us making a sport out of it.
It would appear that no one is interested in answering the questions that I posed.
Maybe I will rephrase them.




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