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I was disgusted to read that Mike Vick was going to play professional football again. To me he is worse than a dog. He think he really should be be banned from the human race.

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I agree. I don't think he should be allowed to play any pro ball in an United States league.

That goes for any athlete that crosses the line. Our line. Not theirs.

There is so much talk about how athletes are supposed to be role models. Well, yeah, they are, but not one I would want my kid to grow up to be like.

And they should only make $200,000.00 a year.

And that's all I'm saying about that.
Good grief, There are rapists, murderers, dope addicts ,etc.etc. In professional sports, and people want to destroy Michael Vick for dog fighting? He paid a huge price for his crime, for Gods sake give him a chance.
Orian, it is good to see someone finally with some common sense and sense of Justice. He did the crime, he did the time, in Levenworth actually, not exactly a Country Club. In the American Justice system he should be given the oppertunity to practice his profession.
Well, I guess it depends on how one views the cruel treatment of animals. I think the U.S. falls terribly short when it comes to animal rights and as we know by now - abuse of animals is typically a harbinger of cruelty to humans.

I hope that Vick never has children...what a creep and a monster.

I wish we had the same attitude toward animal abuse that the Brits have:

"Pets are more like people than you think..."
Are all these multimillion dollar athletes worth the hype and praise and idolatry heaped upon them by the press and the people?!!!? NO.
AGREED! It's not like they're war veterans or anything - you know, REAL heroes (who should get paid what the multimillion dollar athletes get paid.)
So what would you do about that?
Should we tell owners what they can pay their employees?
Really, that's like saying that it's some of MY business what your employer pays you.
Where was it said that we should tell employers what to pay their employees? Why, when, where and how did that become a bone of contention?
What football team was allowed to recuit and has on the field a CONVICTED rapist or murderer? I know drug screening is done all the time. All pro- sports salaries are out of sight. But look at GM and we the people bailed them out..
was it a Felony?
Most jobs, especailly big jobs don't hire felonists.

I think he is a gross disgusting person.

he difinately should never be allowed to have any animals again of any kind.
They welcome "Dog" Vick back with open arms, and the only way Charlie Hustle can get into Cooperstown is to buy a ticket?
After all, didn't people lose money betting on Vick's dogs, too?




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