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OK, I got a coupon for JC Penny in the mail. 10 bucks off if you spend at least 10 bucks. Good deal. I fiqured I could use some new underwear. So went to Penny's, spent about 43 seconds perusing the goods, and picked up a pack of underwear. What caught my eye, was not only were they in "Fashion Colors", but they featured a "Comfort Support Puuch". Sounded good to me. Got them home, ripped open the pack, and to my utter surprise, yes, they have a comfort support pouch all right, but THERE IS NO FLY!! Now what am I supposed to do when I have to pee? Drop pants and underwear to my ankles? THAT"S gonna go over big at the restroom at the Wal Mart. Am I just supposed to pull the front down and hook em under the package? Or am I now required to sit to pee because of my man panties? (OH, that comfort support pouch is realllly comfortable)

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No big deal at the biker bars where we tbders hang out. (pun intended)

AggieK, It seems all the phone mumbers have Larry's name next to them.
Hey!!! Now he's in all the stalls.... Man, I just don't know what to do with that guy, TeeBub. Aggie, I think Lar's been relaxing a little too much in those stalls if TeeBub is right about those #'s..
Just as long as he's not tapping his foot while in the stall...he should be OK.
I don’t have pink shorts anymore sense I got fired from doing the laundry.
I took a picture, but it is 40,000,000 mega pixels, so you will have to wait a while for it to load.
Pru, Did you mean help me out "with" them, or help me out "of" them?
Well, I figured you would want a close up.
Isn't that pretty much the same thing?
Hi DD, or is it JJ? Do they match my sox? Yes my sox are very comfortable too.
Do you really think Pru has more sexpertease in this area?Hi DD, Or JJ if you prefer.
Psst. Janis Joplin. Honest. I won't tell anybody you are alive and well living in NY.
My butt is just fine. You can pat it any time you want.
Pru, I have heard of chain male, but this is ridiculous. By the way, these are made of Alpaca wool blended with chinese silk from virgin silk worms.




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