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Which is more important in your life. I know you can love your cat or have passion for the work you do, but I mean in your primary relationship. Do you need both? Can you have one without the other? Does passion have to fade over time? What's important to you?

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I'll say love. Passion can, and does, wax and wane throughout the relationship. It's the love which needs to stay constant.
This is such a beautiful quotation, Aggie. And so true, when we are lucky.
Good morning Kate, messages are not working this morning. hugs to you. I think what Aggie wrote covers it very well. I have been fortunate enought to have both love and passinon but in the long run I will take love.
It's Friday before a three day weekend, I really can't think that deeply this morning.
Good Morning and Have a wonderful weekend.
Good morning back to you all. I think you're all right. Love stays. Passion comes and goes, but you have to keep reigniting it. Wishing you all a nice hot weekend. (Interpret that any way you like.) I'd still love to hear other opinions on the subject too. Can you have passion without love?
Without passion, love CAN become dull and lifeless, but it doesn't have to. Passion is important, meaningful, moving, life affirming, wonderful, awe inspiring, but love... True love is all of the above, and so much more. I can live without passion, but without love, I would be lost.
Without love, passion can be as empty and destructive as a hurricane... with love, to me, it is more a heartstopping thunderstorm followed by a warm nourishing rain, broken by frequent long spells of sunshine.

Occasional hailstorms may be experienced in some areas... ,-)

I'd like to think an umbrella would be essential.
Passion can be temparary, love can be forever.
That spark is sometimes elusive, though. You really can't fake it. Making it happen is an art form.
So true, Kain. If it is there you can nurture it, but if it is not there... best await the next bus. Or storm... I'm getting tangled in my metaphors, here...
"Without passion, love can become dull and lifeless." I could not agree more!
I am in a very long relationship that was very passionate at the first, but that has declined as the years went on. We are still in love, but not the same passion. My SO does allow me to have sex with her, but she really has no interest in it anymore. So I have accepted that this is the way it is.




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