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Which is more important in your life. I know you can love your cat or have passion for the work you do, but I mean in your primary relationship. Do you need both? Can you have one without the other? Does passion have to fade over time? What's important to you?

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Beth, dear, we still have to live and love is the only antidote to all that horror.
My passion pretty much excludes close relationships. Yeah-ya. I don't have any friends. It's deliberate.

so um, somebody remind me again, because I think I've forgotten: What do I really have to loose?

O right. I remember now. Not a goddamn thing. Never mind.
shared laughs, shared ideas, thinking about and for the good of another.

well YEAH . . .

-- I plan on laughing last;
-- I've never had an original thought in my life
-- it's all good
I think I need a pingy thing to spark a spark. I don't know what it is, but in the q and a it seems pretty important.
I would have guessed that about you.

Ditto, DD. Except my long time of celibacy ended a couple years ago, and I celebrate that every day.

And having great love & passion in my life now is something that I am so grateful for.

Keep them both - I'll take understanding.
Well said, A.
I would say both. Love and passion are a strong key that grows and develop to gain happiness.
It should have both to start but you do have to have the love but then again , sometimes even arranged marriages grow love. Of course over a decade or 2 passions probably gotta fade. Sometimes love though grows even stronger by then and turns into that passion taking the originals place - for a relationship made in heaven that is .

I think it is up to the needs of the individual.  But for me, Love without Passion will waste away. This could get very deep....  I'll keep it simple...


You can tell how much Passion is in  my lfe...  I'm replying to a 2 year old post.....LOL




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