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This is a great site but it is difficult to find LOCAL Contacts, I am looking for Contacts in North Carolina And Specifically in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Area.

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Check in the SouthEast Region group John.
Thanks, Orianb
Have you found any?
You think? I knew a guy that smoked Raleigh's. I bet that's helpful. :-)
great people in that area--good luck
Good idea moosie, my list of people to stalk who haven't taken out restraining orders is getting kind of short.
BAF as enticing as the offer is, I keep telling you I don't do cold.
Hi John ~ I am in Asheville but my family lives in your area, at Jordan Lake and I come down fairly often. I see you have a couple of same friends as me who are there. There is also Dazzling Zoomer Diana and Slayer Doug in Raleigh, I believe. I remember several peeps were from around there and we talked of a get together at old site but stuff happens... Pleased to see a fellow North Carolinian. I'm a native and lived all over it all my life. I went to high school in your area, moved back and worked for MacGregor Development in Cary in my 30's. Lived at the coast for a while too but I do love these mountains. I've been a lot of other places but never wanted to leave NC yet. ~ Raven




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