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Say you go out with a new person. Who leads with the kiss? How do you kiss someone who doesn't kiss the way you like or are used to? HOw do you get another person to kiss the way you want to?



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Yippeeee Aggie Did It

I have been there, done that, got kicked in the head, seen stars and I also have the movie.
There's a country band in the northwest called "8 Second Ride." Heard 'em one time at a company party. Thay are good, and the leader is...um...wow!!
You have to ride on the bull for 8 full seconds in order to get full points for the ride. Less than 8 seconds, you might not get any points at all. The ride on a bull is so awful that 8 seconds is considered a long time to ride, but that's the standard time to shoot for. Anyone that can stay on a bul for 8 seconds is considered a pro.
Has any of you guys ever had rodeo sex with your wife? It's like doggy style, then you tell your wife that she's not as good as her sister. Try to hold on for 8 seconds.
Thanks trr for the heads up...LAR!!!! Are you at it again???? Now cut that out and behave yourself.
Hehehehehehehe---You're good MM. Really good!!! lol
No comment.
No, thank you. I prefer living!!
Kiss me, Baby.

If it's right to begin with it all works out naturally; you just know when the atmosphere is right by the other person's body language and the kind of conversation you are able to have. (I know that sounds like a commercial for Ciallis) If any of the above are awkward it probably isn't going to work out as an intimate relationship. Most people know when the chemistry is mutual enough for such intimacy when feelings become mutually exclusive. It probably takes a few weeks going out in order to get to know somebody well enough to establish such mutual emotions. I don't think it matters who initiates. I have found that the best recipe, is to go out with the idea of at least making a friend; if it turns into more great. Kissing the way you want to? Is there just one way to kiss? If kissing and that kind of thing is going to be an issue is the relationship right or is that just part of something you accept in somebody if you have enough feeling for them?




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