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Say you go out with a new person. Who leads with the kiss? How do you kiss someone who doesn't kiss the way you like or are used to? HOw do you get another person to kiss the way you want to?



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Sounds like a great website moosie. lmao
LMAO, Sheldon. Tooooo funny!
if he is not kissing the way you want to, imagine him thinking the same thing about you. there is no right way or wrong way of kissing . just tell him what makes you feel good if he wants to see some action !
It has been so long ago, is it like riding a bike or 8 seconds on a bull?
8 seconds????????

My last attempt. I tried but could not do it.
Aww so sweet :)
I would go back to the cow before Ross.
Pru, That is just WRONG!!!

And I think you have used Ross before, so wonder if there may be some kind of subliminal attraction to window kissers. (Please let me know so I can practice)
LMAO!!! Aggie, I just don't understand why you couldn't do it!!! lol
Maybe, she had cow halitosis. heheheheheh
I must say she is a cute cow.




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