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Say you go out with a new person. Who leads with the kiss? How do you kiss someone who doesn't kiss the way you like or are used to? HOw do you get another person to kiss the way you want to?



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And hope that YOU don't catch anything.
I always seem to lose count .... two times clockwise, two times counter clocwise, moan once, repeat ..... plus sometimes I need to wipe the drool with my sleeve ......
As per instruction from my experienced seventh grade pal.
Right, and this is the digital age. Jack needs to learn some new tricks.
I'm not shy , ( I'll take the lead on the dance floor unless you're very good ) so if it isn't the way I like it...I retrain 'em .
Wow, cool answers (and some questionable lol)


HOw do you get another person to kiss the way you want to?
Slather some fruity or edible concoction on your lips he he or she could suck the flavor outta u. LoL
Better yet, jolt him or her with a sweetly wicked kiss around the palm. The nerve ending there seems to connect straight to the groin.

Are you folks preparing for a New Year's Eve kiss? I would think this would be more a Valentine's Day topic.
btw Scroll a few pages back to see Aggie kissin his cow smack on the lips. He actually did it. LoL
Anyway, in all cases you must be sure to take any cigarettes out of your mouth before commencing.
Maybe they just 'snatch' kiss...who knows.




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