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It seems I have been terminated. Yes indeed. I am no longer welcome in the right wing group We The People. Apparently it has nothing to do with my opinions - which in fact I consider sufficient grounds to terminate my membership on TBD-Ning in it's entirety -=- he-hee! But rather it has to do with my insulting behavior. Imagine that. Me. Insulting.

I know. It's hard to picture. I think it must be that I suggested Judy get another avatar, because the one she is using is simply horrible. I think so. Don't you think so? Is that an insult? Or simple honesty?

And as far as insults go, it seems to me there was a certain level of quid pro quo - but never mind. It hardly matters.

Should you find the topic mildly entertaining, here are some links:

Post announcing my termination

Post of insults exhibit a

More of my bad behavior

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Balance is a good thing!

Pictures are good too!
I always said... You can't blame a guy for trying. The Judge keeps telling me it depends on what I try to do. WOOF!
I just can't bring myself to read those links, I want to continue to hold you in high regard, in spite of your opinions. lol
See? See? That's what I've been sayin' all along. We're all just too deeply committed to the rosy picture of things, even when it isn't true . . .

o wait. I see. That means I've become a part of the problem . . .

Never mind. Scratch that. Go ahead Larry. Keep me on that pedestal. You have my blessings.

: D
Zen...all of your friends love you...
...those jerks kicked you out because you arent one of them and didnt play by their rules...and they dont want to cry in front of everybody...
...just tell them to kiss you where the sun dont shine...
...some people just dont want to hear the truth...especially when it shows them how wrong they are...it sort of ruins their fantasy world...yep...you ruined their fantasy Zen....poor repelicans...cant you hear them crying over there?...they're making an aweful racket...
Zen, you are perfectly flawed. Who gives an eff what others think. If I decided to join the Right or Left, I'd probably terminated as well. lol
Zen, whatever will you do for an encore?!!!?
I dunno - show up to provide opposition and cannon fodder to those right wing lunatics who show up to protest the President while bearing arms? Ya-ya. I can bring my own arms and act all wiggy and chit - then one of you guys can set off a firecracker somewhere strategically near by, and when the smoke clears we'll see who's left standing . . .

: D
Zendog...you crack me up....
... you are right...the pandemonium approach may just work...
Welcome back to our world. We have big plans for you.
oBoy! I can't Wait!




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