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It seems I have been terminated. Yes indeed. I am no longer welcome in the right wing group We The People. Apparently it has nothing to do with my opinions - which in fact I consider sufficient grounds to terminate my membership on TBD-Ning in it's entirety -=- he-hee! But rather it has to do with my insulting behavior. Imagine that. Me. Insulting.

I know. It's hard to picture. I think it must be that I suggested Judy get another avatar, because the one she is using is simply horrible. I think so. Don't you think so? Is that an insult? Or simple honesty?

And as far as insults go, it seems to me there was a certain level of quid pro quo - but never mind. It hardly matters.

Should you find the topic mildly entertaining, here are some links:

Post announcing my termination

Post of insults exhibit a

More of my bad behavior

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because . . .

BWAA haa haaa HAAA HAAAA haa haa!

It had great entertainment value!
Really? And I've always thought of you as refined and gentlemanly.

I guess that means I need to remove the above links if we're to preserve your special world view! hehe!
Gee, you don't suppose it was the "You're not too bright are you"?
You don't supposed someone got feeling insecure?
Yes, but it's pretty in my world.
congradulations Zen. Getting kicked out of a group that would allow the people they have is an honor. They do not want any decenting opinions but feel free to come to Left Wing Politics and rant any time they want. There in itself the a very good reason to not be a Republican. No one has even mentioned kicking them out of that group.
I know Felix, you can dress him up, but...
No sense of loss, right?
...in this...?

Oh, ZD, just when you were saying you thought you could take it off...
You guys are too much. Really. I mean, getting terminated is just so much dayum fun! I almost think I need a whole new profile so we can do this just one more time! I wonder how long I could maintain the charade of a whole new persona while at the same time availing myself of those numerous opportunities to heckle . . .
There is only one way to find out.

It might prove to be fun, but really. They don't want me over there. That's fine. I know I'm a jerk, really, it comes naturally. Spinning up a whole new persona just makes the whole process seem like so much work . . . kinda takes all the fun out of it.

Besides, I think I like the balance of bad behavior just the way it is . . . if it does illustrate anything then the illustration will certainly be ruined with over indulgence.





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