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Ok! So maybe I did. I couldn't really enjoy it, because in all virtuality, it came from Robbie and TBub.

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Nope, no boogers, but I think you owe me another... well I was gonna ask for a new keyboard, but I'll will settle for another beer.
You people need to grope up.
groping down could be interesting too, but then again too much groping down may lead to gropetots (babies born from over zealous gropees)
Responsible people know that they should use protection when groping. Lord knows where Larry's velcro has been. And to think he grabbed my butt!!!!
Lord knows where Larry's velcro has been. And to think he grabbed my butt!!!!

Do you have Velcro burn? 'em thingies are bristly.
Maricel, tell me about it!!! Talk about brush burn!!!

(Lar's at it again...Poor Pru...Poor me...Robbie and TeeBubbaDee!!!! You guys started this!!)
What do you do when one hand is full?!!!?

Fill the other hand!!!

Passing Kitty an Aloe-Ginseng salve for the brush burn.
Pass some to Larry for his grope leaden hand.
(Caution: This product induces horniness in the users)
Be prepared for even more brush burns.

Hi Maricel, It's been a couple of weeks, so the marks are finally starting to fade. Advise from someone that has been there... Don't turn your back on Larry!!!
Kittycat knows it's you fault TBub, she trusts me.
OK, Let me get this straight, soooo... your saying you have one person that trusts you, right?




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