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Ok! So maybe I did. I couldn't really enjoy it, because in all virtuality, it came from Robbie and TBub.

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Don't believe him Pru. I would have never told Larry go grab your butt. Now, if he had grabbed a handfull of those awesome boobs, maybe, just maybe, I could have been to blame.
now you can grope them all.

A free ticket to grope darroll? I've finally made it!
Exactly Sara. Kinda takes all the fun out of it.
Oh Larry, behind KittyCats back---shame on you. What is they all turn up pregnant?
It's been a long time blondie, but if I remember right, a woman can't get pregnant from groping.
things may have changed--who knows
Good job I'm passed all that . . . you never know where Velcro has been!
When my daughter was younger and down on the floor of a grocery store, I said to her, "Honey, you don't know where that floor has been." LOL.
She's all woman all right Wendy.
I sure hope to meet you one day Wendy. I promise not to grope you unless coerced.
You have permission to grope Darroll?





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