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It's The 'Let's Be There For Larry Day, Because He Is Going To Need Us' Thread

Folks---I am calling upon your humanitarian spirits towards humanity to serve as a beacon in an opportunity to be there for one of our own today, and that person would be--

Larry Kremis!

Here's the story. Larry--by some fault of sympathy for the underdog, have been a lifetime Pittsburgh Stealers, (whoops--sorry) Steelers fan. I know--I can almost hear all of your combined 'What?' and "Oh my gosh!! I thought Larry was an intelligent man!'-isms. But we must remember Larry is a man of compassion...and as such, tends to offer his support to those who might not other wise have any support to speak of.

So what seem to be the problem? Well tonight...there will be this game...where Larry's Steelers...will be forced to play...against..Oh gosh---I hate tormenting Larry this way...but it just got to get out there! The Stealers--(oops--I did it again! Sorry!) Steelers will be playing The (7 and 1) Denver Broncos!! (Ok--Every one in one collective voice here--ready? Oh No!! Poor Larry!)

As you can see, this is not a matter to be horsing around with. Especially in light of the fact that Larry is under the belief that The Stea...Uhmm That Pittsburgh might actually be able to win this game. Yes!! it is true!!! You can see the problem now--don't you?

So this is why I am calling for u to be there for larry today. Larry have provided years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years of laughter for his fellow humanity. Now it is time for us to return the favor. We have to 'be there' for him today. We got about 12 hours from the time of this posting to soften the blow of reality. We need to prepare him for the event, (The realistic event), of a great disaster that will be presented right before Larry's very eyes tonight. We must all be willing to hold Larry's hand and let him know, it is all ok--because like he Supports The Ste...Uhmmm...Pittsburgh...we are there to offer him, our moral support.

So..who is with me on this incredible journey today, where we must 'be there to support Larry'?

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Now Now Larry!! No need to get aggravated before you see what to get aggravated about!!
Ok, I'll take deep breaths. It's 750pm. Is it time to crack that first beer yet?
I haven't heard the fat lady yet....I don't think she tunes up until the final 2 minutes....
I officially would like to invite everyone to the cyber get together for the game over at
I got the cybered sugar free diet cupcakes, the cybered diet cokes, the cybered sugar free diet cookies, and I think I even have some sugar free diet potato chips laying around somewhere!
with sugar free diet ranch dips?
And I bet they taste like the real thing. hahahaha
In about 24 hours! And they are having a sale in their 25th hour! You better hurry!
I opted for coffee over beer, I gave it some serious thought though. I never drink coffee at night and I'm on my 4th cup. Ought to be interesting, I only drink 3 cups in the morning.
Hey guys, it's half time and it's 7 to 3 Steeler's favor....

A little too close for me, but I'll take it. Larry's doing fine so far. No frothing at the mouth or rolling back of the eyeballs. I hate it when that happens. I'll keep you posted.
Good to know Kitty!! That one interception probably put a smile on Larry's face--huh??
Larry?? Larry?? Are u there--Larry?? Kitty===is Larry ok??? LARRYY?????
The Pittsburg Steelers have some big packages goin' on (if you know what I mean, and I think you do!) - is that why you're so intimidated by them?!? It's okay...not everyone buys Xtra Large Trojans.




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