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Oh, I know, its an old and tired subject, but, humor me: what are y'all drinking right about now....(if its water, I dont want to know...) In the summer I had this watermellon/vodka concoction that kept me going, but with the weather change, the loss of daylight and the hap, hap, happy holidaze coming on, it's time for something more serious (grave). Lately I've take to apple cider and Captain Morgain Spiced Rum. Fortunately, it has inspired me to drink more. That cant be too bad. How about you? What's for cocktail hour these days?

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Bud Lite..................... EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I feel like mixing a cocktail it's usually a cosmo.

Otherwise it's red wine.
my, arent we 'snippy' today...
I enjoy seeing you go where someone tells you not to Anthony. :)

Sometimes I'll join you.
Red wine if not white.
A glass or two of Chardonnay while I figure out what to do about dinner. Cook, order in, head out somewhere, forget the whole thing and have more Chardonnay.

OMG so many choices, maybe I'll take a nap and then decide.
I'm too old for martini's. There was once a time I could drink 7 of them. Sigh.
Beer! I haven't drank much in the last 20 years, I still enjoy it though. Now that I'm retired, I may partake a little more often.
Tanqueray gin, on the rocks, let sit for 5-6 minutes, shake the glass, enjoy.
Nothing tonight Jax, I'm a ok with the meds tonight.
Bud Light then sometimes a Grand Marnier to end the evening




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