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Another day, and another event showing that we live in a dangerous world. And no, this is not a natural event, it was a planned attack carried out to do damage and kill  people and property.

And yes, it so happened on a date of significance, the Boston Marathon is held on Patriot's Day, a public holiday in Massachusetts that celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord and the beginning of the American Revolution and, of course, it is, today, the day that we must file our taxes.

As to what happened, how it happened and by whom, we are still learning. As has happened in the past, as an ongoing news event some of what is reported is in error and speculation that does not pan out, is misleading and subject to change. What did happen is at least two people were killed in Boston, many were injured with a nation put on alarm and alert.

We can assume terrorism  We can assume that it was a dedicated individual, individuals that are involved, whose motives we cannot accept as being reasonable and justified. We can also assume that some sort of reaction will be required to bring justice to those involved and stop any further acts in the future.

What we can also assume is our security and sense of security is once again under attack and as such, the point of what has happen, that we are not as secure as we would like, we are not safe as safe as we would like, but we are and can be confident and capable of defending ourselves and our country to deal with threats both foreign and domestic.

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If this was a test. Whoever did it will be more confident in the future.

It's like Smuggling a pressure cooker into a crowded movie theater and this looked impossible to me.

Not with this where is my pot bunch.

Are you implying that some of us are burned-out, clueless hippies, darroll ? Because we disagree with your knee-jerk go-bomb-the-hell-out-of-some-other-country reaction ? What's this stupid "Where-Is-My-Pot" bullshit ?

Go right ahead. The TBD Steve Macon / Lawrence Bates memorial ignorant right-wing jackass position is still up for grabs - If only because nobody else is stupid enough to want it. Help yourself.

From what I've been able to glean from news reports, the bomber planted his devices well BEFORE the marathon's crowds had arrived - He (or they) were at least smart enough not to walk into a large crowd and be seen dropping off a suspicious package....

There's a big difference between smuggling a good-sized device into a crowded, private business like a movie theater and walking down a public street and just casually dropping something off. I'm waiting to find out if the bomber's timing was such that he or they knew the municipal schedule that would allow them to get past roadblocks and other diversions set up for the marathon in such a way that security details would have already made their sweeps, and the bombs were deposited after the security teams had left. This may have required some inside knowledge - A factor I'm sure the FBI and others are well aware of.

*sigh* - Where's Toolmaker ? I'm surprised he and his crackpot conspiracy theories haven't already made an appearance on this subject. Funny, ain't it, how darroll automatically assumes that "if it's terrorists", then it must be dirty foreigners ? It just COULDN'T be a home-grown maniac, don'tcha know. FAUXNews has trained him well...

Great Job Boston.
Liberals can't guard people because they are too wrapped up in their Me policies. (guns, dope,marriage and blaming others)
The Mexican security would of done a better job.
Keep making excuses for ineptitude.

These are SUSPECTS only.

Don't own a gun, never tried to take anybody else's away, never smoked dope, worked as a bouncer for five years protecting plenty of people, was married for seventeen years, been the designated driver in my crowd for 35 years and only blame people when they're actually responsible for what went wrong. Not afraid to congratulate anybody who actually accomplishes something, either.

So far, darroll, you ain't accomplished shit in this thread - Except make an idiot of yourself trying to blame "libruls" for what happened in Boston. Cram it, asshole.

Thanks for the nice name you called me.

Boston is a very liberal state and it looked like a liberal or two was working on security.

I live in a liberal state and if you want good clean workers, hire a Mexican and they will do the job that they were hired to do.

This whole Boston episode was uncalled for. I guess we will have to try and ban stealth pressure cookers.

And thank YOU for insinuating a bunch of crap about me. But, like most conservatives, you only recognize an insult when you're on the receiving end.

Yeah, yeah - It MUSTA been a LIBRUL security guard what fucked up ! Couldn't've been a stalwart CONSERVATIVE that let a couplea' skeevy white guys walk past him with what it took to kill three and maim hundreds, now could it ?

Everything's aaaaaaaalllways the left's fault. Blah blah. Maybe it was a leftie what manufactured and sold yer daddy that defective pack of rubbers - But that would require you to show some gratitude to a librul now, wouldn't it ?

Who is running the show in this country?

It sure ain't conservatives.

If this country keeps falling on it's ass, maybe some smart conservative will help with some good advice, or maybe they will sit back and chuckle.

No, it's the conservatives that keep anything from getting done - While they get ever richer off of government tax breaks. Grow a brain, d.

You have no idea what a bunch of provocateurs the neocon radio hosts are that spew all this bs. I can almost listen under the co exist clause in my mentality and my morbid curiosity gets the better of me. The radio hosts are out to tell folks what and how to think and try to stir up as much negativity as possible. Just think of it as a daily dose of brainwashing.

As a matter of fact, I was listening to the sneering , sniveling Howie Carr make disparaging remarks regarding the Boston Marathon on April , 14 during his radio show. I'm not sure if running and being healthy is considered a liberal thing or not but to hear him whine about the marathon on April,14 you would be inclined to believe that it was. Now the thing that really ticks me off is that the housemate had his radio on again just a few hours ago and there was an Australian gentleman on who was trying his darnest to convince the listeners that the bombers were bombers because they had a CO~EXIST bumper sticker on the back of the car they were driving. That the bombers were led astray by liberal influences in the environment. At least that's what I thought I heard. I wonder if they can go back and change what the f**k they said and I would NOT put it past them.

Ya know darrol, I try my best to just ignore you. But some times you spout crap that I just cannot let slide. 

" hire a Mexican and they will do the job that they were hired to do."

Do even have a clue how racist that comment is?

Sorry I forgot. You are darrol. Of course you don't know. You are one of the most clueless people I have ever come across. That includes real life and the web.

A long time ago, you and I butted heads. I went to your page and apologized profusely. I didn't think I had done any thing wrong, but was trying to be a decent person.

Here is the post I left..

Darroll, You don't know me at all. This thread is about funny signs. I posted the pic because I thought it was funny. Yes, I don't agree with many Republican points of view, but I HAVE NEVER said in any way shape or form, that mine is the only point of view. My way or the highway, those are your words, my friend, not mine. I come here to clown around, PERIOD! If the pic somehow offended you, I deeply apologize. And no, I'm not being snarky. I mean it, if I crossed some kind of line with you, I'm sorry.

Ya know what? You did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge me.  

Snagg used some words to describe you, and I have several more, but I have too much respect for this site to use them. 




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